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Support your Local Brands: Food Edition

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Support your Local Brands: Food Edition
written by
Nada Wahba

Getting your groceries at hypermarkets is probably the easier choice for some, however, the trip can be a bit pricey. Fortunately, there has been a splurge in local food brands that are available to shop for online, with affordable prices! From produce and meat to spice mixes and baked goods, these brands offer a huge variety of groceries. We have saved you the trouble and prepared a list of online Egyptian shopping alternatives.  


For those who have a sweet tooth, Tumrina is an all-natural substitute for those sugar and preservative packed spreads. It’s a naturally sweetened date spread that you can have for breakfast without the guilt trip, or even as a snack or an afternoon dessert with your tea! It is perfect for those watching their blood sugar levels, and it is also vegan. Tumrina comes in different flavours; hazelnut, vanilla, and plain. You can find their products at supermarkets, including Oscar and Seoudi, or send them a message with your order on their Instagram page

Indulge It 

This brand also vouches for healthy alternatives for dessert, creating a long line of gluten, dairy, and sugar-free sweets. Indulge It, from its name, urges its audience to enjoy sweets without compromising their health. From cupcakes to brownies and cookies, their baked goods will satisfy your roaring cravings. They also have an attractive menu for Eid Al-fitr that includes Kahk you can consume guilt-free! You can check out their products on their Instagram page or visit their website here


One of the few bakeries in Cairo that makes babka, Pandaria is an online bakery that specialises in butter-based pastries. Their baked goods look and taste exquisite, and they’re also known for their artsy doughs, including their star bread and babka buns. Pandaria also bakes savoury pastries, in case you’re not big on sweets. Give them a try and check out their creations on their Instagram page.  

The Cube Shop 

A meat haven, whether that be chicken, beef, or seafood, The Cube Shop has fresh produce that you can order from the comfort of your own home. Their list is extensive; from raw meat to seasoned and ready to cook creations, you will find something to your liking. In addition, they have high-quality seafood products, especially their salmon steak! Don’t forget to check them out on their Instagram page or their website.

BFB (Beta for Food & Beverage)

It can be somewhat of a chore to buy and mix your own spices, but fret no more. BFB offers you ready-made spice mixes and seasonings for whatever food you’re making. Whether it be chicken, beef, or vegetables, their unique spices will up your dish’s flavour profile. They also have marinades, which save a lot of time in your food preparation process. Check them out on their Instagram page here