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Zamalek Art Gallery: Masterpieces VIII

Zamalek Art Gallery: Masterpieces VIII


The September/ October Guide to Art Workshops in Cairo

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In the giant metropolis of Cairo, amongst the hustle and the bustle of the city's…

Darb 17 18: Souq El Gomaa

For years, Cairo’s Friday Market (Souq El Gomaa) has been one of the largest open-air…

The September Guide for Events in Cairo

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Over the last few weeks, our schedules have been jam-packed with many exciting events in…

Darb 17 18: A Voice from the Clouds

A vivid imagination can transport the mind to strange perceptions of reality and a whole…

Mawaweel Festival: Culture Aplenty, One Week Left

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Darb 1718 and Cairo Jazz Club Agency’s Mawaweel Festival is one week into their Ramadan…

Mawaweel: Ramadan Festivities at Darb 17 18

Following their successful collaboration on the Art Beat festival, Darb 17 18 and Cairo Jazz…

Al Masar Gallery: Contemporary Views III Exhibit

While the island of Zamalek is full of various art galleries, bookstores and coffee shops,…


Samia Jaheen: Keeping the Poetic Arts Alive

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In the 1950s, the late Egyptian poet Fouad Haddad began his poetic career whilst a…

El Sawy Culturewheel: A Drop of Water for this Rose

Behind artist Mostafa Gebril’s wide smile and twinkling eyes, there is a hint of pain.…

CIC: View from Conolly’s Plot

CIC is currently holding its first exhibition in its newly acquired Downtown space with a…

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Mezcal: New Age Peruvian & Mexican Cuisine in Zamalek My experience did not match that of this reviewer. When I entered the restaurant at 8:00 PM on…

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Yetyet El Hamamy

Kayan Kitchen: A Much, Much Better Alternative to Fast-Food in Cairo I am in love with the food

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Caracas The most delicious Lebanese Fattah in town

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wael tork

أكاديمية سحر: مصنع خبراء التجميل من نجاح الى نجاح افضل


Arkan Mall I visit this wonderful place last Thursday with family it was great experience. nice place to enjoy food…


Suicide Squad This movie had high expectations from fans but it is still not clear if its gonna succeed or…


Darb 17 18: Contemporary Art in Cairo's Fustat Community

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Over the past few years, Cairo has witnessed a contemporary arts movement bloom in unbelievable…

Lot 17: Summertime Exhibit

If the heat waves weren’t enough of a clue, summer has officially started in Cairo…

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum: Father of Modern Sculpture

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While the Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum might sound like yet another museum found on the posh…

CIC: New Director, New Space, New Projects

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Since its inception in 2004, the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) has established itself as one…

Tannoura Sufi Dancing in Cairo: Trance of a A Dance

One of the most breathtaking experiences to have in this city is to witness the…