The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

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Makan: A Place of Cultural Keepsake

Makan: A Place of Cultural Keepsake

Ganzeer Sets a New Standard for Cairo-Based Design

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If there’s something that the city of Cairo consistently lacks, it’s a level of conceptual…

Ziad Al-Rahbani in Cairo: a Fan’s Experience

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The recent Cairo Jazz Festival brought a few greats to the capital, including the revered…


Museums You've Probably Never Been To

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We all know that Egypt has a wealth of historical sites and a rich overlap…

Glow: An Exhibition by Alaa Taher

For any up-and-coming artist in Egypt, exhibiting your work at the Cairo Opera House is…

Safar Khan: Marwa Adel

Marwa Adel, whose work is being shown this month at Safar Khan Art Gallery, has…


Museum of Islamic Ceramics: Beautiful Browsing for the History-phobes

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I’m no history buff, and the thought of spending my afternoon in a museum would…

The Art of Belly Dancing in Cairo

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While belly dance enthusiasts around the globe rely on YouTube videos to catch a short…


The Tentmakers’ Market: Take a Glimpse into Cairo’s Fading Past

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While Egypt is one of last places in the Middle East where the craft of…

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