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The Courtyard Brings You Some Puppy Love This Friday

The Courtyard Brings You Some Puppy Love This Friday

Cairo Weekend Guide: DJ Lexer, Hawas, Mustafa Rizk & More...

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Thank God it's Thursday!

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WATCH: Aya Sayed, the Egyptian Chef Dedicated to Deaf/Nonverbal People

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We talked to Aya about her story.

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EMAN: The Egyptian Makeup Artist Taking Over America

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This talented lady is reaching great heights in the US.

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AltShift Festival: 30 Change-Makers From 6 Different Countries

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It all starts with an idea.

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Pet Shop Watch: A Communal Initiative Dedicated to Animal Rights

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You can join Pet Shop Watch!

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In Photos: Humans of New York Is Now Showcasing Inspiring Egyptian Narratives

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The subjects are diverse in age and gender.

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These 19 Egyptian Females Are Officially Among the Middle East’s Most Influential Women

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We are so extremely proud of these women!

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These Mobile Apps Will Facilitate Your Commutes Around Cairo

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Long commutes are getting easier thanks to these apps.

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Telepoetic, FrogMoose, Dirty Doering & More...

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As always, Cairo is not short on events.

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Meet Greenish: The Egyptian Initiative all About Upcycling

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Greenish plans to launch an online platform.

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Mostafa Hamed

شيخ جاكسون: عن مراهقتنا الجميلة رغم كل شيء! فيلم جميل جدا وفكرني بأيام زمان. أنا كنت من عشاق مايكل جاكسون.. قول للزمان ارجع يازمان


Free State of Jones Its a really nice movie from Mathew mcconaughey .. Incredible acting I like all his movies also Dallas…

Waseem El Tanahi

Virgin Megastore Nothing quite beats Virgin for fun knick knacks and stocking fillers. Good for gadgets and books too.

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بث مباشر: محاولة سينمائية غير موفقة لمناقشة قضايا المجتمع *لما تكتبوا مقال وتسموه نقدي تبقوا تقدموا نقد للفيلم مش هجوم وخلاص .. كاتبين السيناريو بعيد عن الملل…

New Egyptian Application Wins International Competitions

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Grab your phone, and try out this innovative app.

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These Applications Will Make Life in the Capital a Whole Lot Easier

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A list of Apps that will make your life easier in Cairo.

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Here Is What Cairo Has in Store for You This Dry Night

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No hangover is to be expected.

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Glass Onion, Dirty Backseat, Dokkan & More...

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The weekend returns, with a spectrum of events.

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High Ropes: Spike Up Your Adrenaline at This Cairo Spot

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Get yourself ready for a unique experience.

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