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Cairo Weekend Guide: 100Live Electronic Music Festival, Photopia Anniversary & New Art

Cairo Weekend Guide: 100Live Electronic Music Festival, Photopia Anniversary & New Art

Breast Cancer in Egypt: Raising Awareness & Support for Survivors

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Justifiably, the ‘C’ word is feared by many people, but is often worsened by the…

Clorets Socializer: Download, Check-In & Win!

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Chewing gum giant, Clorets, has just unleashed new smartphone app, Clorets Socialize, on iPhone and…

Cairo Weekend Guide: ElVenue Carnival, Africa by Egyptian Eyes Festival & More!

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Hello Cairo! This whole heat thing is getting out of control. We’re sick of walking…

Cairo Guide: Things to Do While Visiting Cairo

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With the current political and economical climate, visiting Cairo may not be high on everybody's…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Nubian Carnival, The Champ & Much More!

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Hello Cairo! Electricity cuts seem to be the talk of the town these days; every…

Cairo Weekend Guide: The May Day, Ten Cities Music Project & More!

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Hello Cairo! You may be tempted to spend the weekend in bed, but as we…

FACE For Children in Need: Providing Invaluable Care for Cairo's Orphans & Street Children

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In collaboration with the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Cairo and several government…

The May Day at NEWGIZA: A Quintessential Family Day Out

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Historically, the notion of bazaars has run through Egyptian and Middle Eastern history with an…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Cairo's First Half Marathon, the Caravan Festival & More!

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Hello Cairo! Following the Easter and Sham El Nessim holidays, this week was always going…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Stuck in Cairo this Easter Weekend?

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Hello Cairo! As we move into the long, glorious Easter/Sham El Nessim weekend, those of…

User reviews

Sara Saleh

The Fault in Our Stars Cliche and really overrated. I laughed and couldnt get mildly emotional from it. Green's only good points are…

QK Saif

Willy’s Kitchen Amazing Cheesy experience. Their burgers do not disappoint. The location is just small and tight. Needs bigger premises.

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Waseem El Tanahi

Mandarine Koueider One of the best places in Cairo to get dessert! A must try!

Waseem El Tanahi

Casper & Gambini’s Nice step up from the usual mall food in Egypt but guys 90% of your restaurant is smoking…

Mohamed Mansour

Nevada belaaal there is the best . actually i wish he owned the place , very confident plesant person…

Tamer Fadi

Nile Eyewear: Hip Local Eyewear Brand at Hacienda Bay’s Lakeyard I tried the brand with 3 glasses this year I totally recommend this brand. Even the Elite collection…

Cairo Guide: Five Easy Ways to Enjoy the Easter Break Without Leaving Cairo

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As the hoards of sun-worshippers flee Cairo for Sham El Nessim, those of us left…

Cairo Weekend Guide: D-CAF's Final Weekend, Live Music & More!

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Hello Cairo! Oh the joy of a three-day weekend! Temptation may coax us into confining…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Y-Lounge Second Anniversary, Plaza Easter Bazar & More!

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Hello Cairo! It's that time of the week again, the one we know you all…

The A.P.E: Empowering Cairo's Zabaleen Community

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It's no secret that there's a rubbish problem in Cairo; 40% of Cairo's household waste,…


Sakkara Country Club: Quad Biking Around the Cairo Desert

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Amongst the chaotic hustle and bustle of central Cairo, it's almost impossible to imagine that…