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Cairo Weekend Guide: Happy Coptic Christmas!

Cairo Weekend Guide: Happy Coptic Christmas!

Cairo Weekend Guide: Happy New Year!

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2011 is winding down, and with a rollercoaster of a year behind us, now is…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Merry Christmas Weekend!

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It's another busy weekend in Cairo, and a special one given all the Christmas-themed celebrations…

Mashaweer: Taking Over Your Errands, Making Your Life Easier

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It’s 9AM. You’re stuck in traffic, late for work, and you still need to pass…

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Cairo: Dinners, Parties, Concerts and More

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Cairenes have never needed an excuse to celebrate, but we really do get excited about…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Disco Cabaret, Rocking by the Nile

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Hello Cairo!After the frenzy of another round of voting in the parliamentary elections, we're glad…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Nile-side Parties, Concerts and Christmas Festivals!

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Hello Cairo! As we move deeper and deeper into the harsh, unforgiving winter, the weather…

Sawtak: A New Smartphone App to Help you with the Elections

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It’s time for the Egyptian Parliamentary elections, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Colour Festival & Nile-Side Parties

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Hello Cairo!If the weather has got you down this week; never fear, the weekend is…


New in Cairo: Ten Things We're Excited About this November

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The month of November has thrown up a lot of new restaurants, festivals and events,…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Arab Music Festival, Street Performers and Live Bands

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Hey Cairo! We thought we were in danger of getting back into the swing of…

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Waseem El Tanahi

Virgin Megastore Nothing quite beats Virgin for fun knick knacks and stocking fillers. Good for gadgets and books too.

QK Saif

Willy’s Kitchen Amazing Cheesy experience. Their burgers do not disappoint. The location is just small and tight. Needs bigger premises.


Beit El Ezz: A Warm & Colourful Slice of Lebanon at Mall of Egypt The lebanese taste and mood in egypt !


Zack’s It's really one of the most places we are relaxing, it's giving all freedom and enjoyment and relaxing

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Tai Torky

Nola Cupcakes Nola's has become the contender for quality cupcakes in Egypt. We use them for everything from birthdays to…

marco william zaki

رحلة يوسف الفيلم أكثر من رائع وخصوصا قصة الفيلم مشوقة وادوار الممثلين متميزة بالاخص الفنان عاطف عبد اللطيف مع اني…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Hip-Hop Festival & Eid Parties

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It’s the longest weekend of the year, and it couldn’t have come at a better…

How to Buy Sheep for Eid El Adha: The Cairo 360 Guide

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With the El Adha feast upon us this weekend, it’s highly likely that the streets…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Halloween, Arab Film Festival & a Zumbathon

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Boo! Finally, the mother of all non-celebrations has arrived. Yes, Halloween is upon us. There…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Fancy Dress, Live Music & Shoppin Bazaars!

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There’s no better day to celebrate than on a Thursday, and Cairo Jazz Club will…

Cairo 360 Takes the Capital by the Handheld: Our New iPhone App is Out!

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Cairo 360 may only be some eighteen months old, but the definitive guide to living…