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Cairo Weekend Guide: Hat Parties, Crafts Festivals, Abdeen Square Concerts

Cairo Weekend Guide: Hat Parties, Crafts Festivals, Abdeen Square Concerts

Weekend Roundup: Autostrad, Maria Juncal & Festivals in the Park

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Hello Cairo!We hope you’ve started making your summer holiday plans, because we sure have made…

Cairo Weekend Guide: The Tahrir Monologues, Salalem, and Qarm Qart

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Hello Cairo! Rejoice; the curfew is no more, and we no longer have to suffer…

Weekend Roundup: 'We Love Egypt' Carnival, Nile Emporium, and Sami Yusuf

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Hello Cairo! We’ve been counting down the hours till the weekend officially starts, because of…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Breakdancing, Street Festivals and Art

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Hello Cairo! The weekend just doesn’t come quick enough does it? The days are getting…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Revolutionary Films, and New Art Exhibitions

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It’s getting hotter and hotter Cairo, so dust off your best flip-flops and shorts, because…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Nasser Shamma, Latin-American Cinema and More

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It’s shaping up to be a hot weekend Cairo, but that doesn’t mean you should…

Cobone: Giving You Cairo at a Discount

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We Egyptians love us a sweet deal. Haggling for a bargain is in our blood,…

Weekend Roundup: Top Rat Hats, Mashrro' Al Mareekh, & SODIC Art Symposum

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There’s something in the Cairo air at the moment; we can’t put our fingers on…

The Great Cairo Scavenger Hunt: Discover Cairo's Fun Side

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Cairo really isn’t that difficult to get around; we just like to complain: it’s the…

Going Green in Cairo: Easy At-Home Solutions

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'Going Green' is on the rise around the world, and while it’s often portrayed as…

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Haisam Awad

Le Bistro Pub Great little bar with a sleepy, chilled atmosphere. Better music wouldn't go amiss, though.

Mohamed Ali

Wel3a ............... ......................... المكان قفل...................... .........................

Heba Moenis

Allora Gelateria Amazing ice cream shop in Road 9. Great location with wide variety and great quality of ice cream...


مكتبة مصر: جنة كتب حقيقية ومكان مريح للأعصاب في الجيزة عاوزة جدول دروات اللغة الأنجليزية والبوسي ماس

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Ahmed Soliman

بالصور: مطعم صبحي كابر الجديد.. مكان أكبر بس جودة أقل ما قد اعجبني في المطعم علي مدار السنين فقدته في هذه الزياره... فكره ان المطعم في الشارع وسط…

Mahamad El Tanahy

Dos Cañas Love this place. Great view, fresh air and the food is very good. Worth a visit - just…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Michael Jackson, Mashrou' Leila & El Fan Midan

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It’s been tough for all of us going back to work after that long Labour…

Cairo Traffic: Bey2ollak and Wasalny Can Save Your Day

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As one of the most overpopulated cities in the world, it's not a secret that…


Donya Desee: Hope for a Green Cairo

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The black cloud that looms over our heads in Cairo, causing our lungs and nasal…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Fun Things to Do in the City

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Stuck in Cairo for this long weekend? Fret not; the city is bursting at the…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Happy Easter/ Sham El Nessim!

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For many Cairenes, today marks the beginning of a long and languid Easter/Sham El Nessim…