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Cairo Weekend Guide: Festivals, Live Music & New Art

Cairo Weekend Guide: Festivals, Live Music & New Art

Cairo Weekend Guide: Spring Festival, World Music & Shopping Bazaars

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Hello Cairo! Things are heating up in the capital in every way and there's no…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Cinco de Mayo, Culture Corner & Live Music

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Hello Cairo! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the robabekya guy is…

Cairo Weekend Guide: International DJs, Spring Festival & Lebanese Love

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Hello Cairo! A mid-week public holiday was just what we needed – to rest up…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Wake & Bake Brunch, Live Music & German Weeks

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Hello Cairo! So the holiday weekend has passed and while the weather is nice enough…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Happy Easter Weekend!

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Hello Cairo! Well, it’s official, Sham El Nessim break is here and most people have…

Cairo Weekend Guide: D-CAF, Live Music, Bazaars & Lots More

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Hello Cairo! Spring is well underway and though Sham El Nessim is just on the…

Cairo Weekend Guide: D-CAF Festival, Live Music & New Exhibitions

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Hello Cairo! It’s the end of the month which means pay-day – kerr-ching! And what…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, Children's Film Festival & Controversial Art

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Hello Cairo! We’ve just celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Cairo 360, and the celebrations will…

Workshopers: Cairo's Courses in Art, Industry & Initiative

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Business partners and what seem like comfortable old friends, Sandra Abdallah and May Tawakol, had…

Cairo Weekend Guide: All That Jazz!

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Hello Cairo!The weather has taken another turn for the worse again, but that doesn't mean…

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Janna Mohamed

Costa Coffee انا ذهبت للفرع دا النهاردة و محدش جه لمدة نصف ساعة قمت و مشيت الخدمة مقرفة بصراحة It…


Kahve Great for friends, interesting design. Good hookah, service can improve. Food isn't that great, but the drinks are…


Zack’s It's really one of the most places we are relaxing, it's giving all freedom and enjoyment and relaxing

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wael tork

أكاديمية سحر: مصنع خبراء التجميل من نجاح الى نجاح افضل


Kansas Fried Chicken: A Challenger to the KFC Throne? خدمة زي الزفت والاكل بارد و طعمو وحش

Heineken’s Star World Tour Winners Live it Up in the Caribbean

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Heineken, the beer of choice in Egypt and across the globe, scoured the country to…

Win! Tickets to the Red Bull Car Park Drift 2012!

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Never the ones to do things half-heartedly in Cairo, the crazy gringos at Red Bull…

Cairo Weekend Guide: International Women's Day, Bazaars & Live Music

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Hello Cairo! The weather is finally warming up and its time to take full advantage…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, New Exhibitions & Bikya Anniversary Celebrations

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 Hello Cairo! The weekend is almost here and Cairo’s list of events is as enticing…

Cairo Weekend Guide: Open-Mic Nights, New Exhibitions & Cairo Opera House is Back

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Hello Cairo! After another hard week of scouring the city for the best restaurants, bars,…