The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


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wael walid

Chicago: The Curse of 45 Michel Bakhoum Street Continues Amazing view, excellent service

Mohamed El Sherbieny

Deals This little hole in the wall bar is a great place to chill and meet new people. It's…

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Jolyet Wasf

بار د أو – Bar D’O شيك راقى خدمة ممتازة

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Khalda Ibrahim

Nails & More: Cutesy, Intimate Salon in Zamalek The place is excellent and loved the work done, plus it's super cozy and the people are friendly

Mostafa Hamed

شيخ جاكسون: عن مراهقتنا الجميلة رغم كل شيء! فيلم جميل جدا وفكرني بأيام زمان. أنا كنت من عشاق مايكل جاكسون.. قول للزمان ارجع يازمان

Anna: Copying is Lazy ‎

You’re in school, you just realised that you had homework for this class and the…

Anna in cairo cinemas +2

Polaroid: The Tiptoe to the Kitchen

You know how you are home alone, and you hear a noise coming from the…

cairo egypt +5

Yesterday: Where Is the Gift?

Paying tribute to The Beatles.

cairo Cairo cinema +14

Annabelle Comes Home: Quickly Forgotten

Nothing too groundbreaking.

cairo Cairo cinema +15