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Phat Hat

Phat Hat: Food Container at Al Guezira Plaza

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  • El Guzeira Plaza, El-Bostan, Giza Governorate, Egypt Cairo, Egypt
  • Burgers,International
  • 09:00 - 00:00
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Ramy Soliman
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Phat Hat: Food Container at Al Guezira Plaza

Located inside Al Guezira Plaza, Phat Hat is an eye-catching, colourful container restaurant with some basic chairs and tables in front. We have to say the identity of the place was quite confusing for us since the container was all covered in graffiti that had zero hints about anything on the menu.

The fact that they’re serving burgers and hawawshi suited the confusing vibes we got from the container. As much as we were eager to try the ‘Ya Halawa’ burger which is made with halawa and onion jam, we decided to stick to a classic choice like the Magic Mushroom Burger (75 LE) along with ‘Mitdala3’ Hawawshi (45 LE), and Spicy Chick (50 LE).

Starting with the burger, it was topped with a generous amount of sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onions, garlic mayo, cheese, and was served in a beautiful sesame bun. We really enjoyed the flavours of the toppings, but the patty itself could use some improvements in terms of juiciness and texture.

As for the hawawshi, the minced beef blend was seasoned to perfection, the chilli pepper added heat that we personally enjoyed, but it could be a bit too spicy for a lot of people, and the addition of cheese sauce to the hawawshi was quite interesting. On the other hand, the baladi bread was somehow burnt, yet soggy.

Moving to the Spicy Chick, we absolutely loved the super crunchy crust and how the chicken was so tender and juicy, the amount of ranch sauce was on point, the cabbage slaw lightened things up, and the spicy mayo and jalapeño added a very pleasant heat to the sandwich.

Overall, we had mixed feelings about our visit to Phat Hat. On the one hand, we love how they’re trying to be different and fun, and most of the items sounded like they have the potential to be a hit, on the other, the confusing identity isn’t appealing for everyone, and the few flaws in the sandwiches didn’t do justice to the flavours.

360 Tip

Phat Hat delivers.

Best Bit

The food has potential.

Worst Bit

Small flaws ruined good flavours.


The burger is amazing, especially the magic mushroom. Also try the brownies, it's fluffy yet crispy! Don't miss the experience, it's worth it. The stuff is friendly.

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One thought on “Phat Hat: Food Container at Al Guezira Plaza

  1. The burger is amazing, especially the magic mushroom.
    Also try the brownies, it’s fluffy yet crispy!
    Don’t miss the experience, it’s worth it. The stuff is friendly.

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