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Amy Adams Will Star in the Film Adaptation of This New York Times Bestseller

Amy Adams Will Star in the Film Adaptation of This New York Times Bestseller

New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect From This Week’s Top Film Releases

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It’s a thrilling week this time around in Cairo Cinemas.

Adrift Benicio Del Toro +10

Solo: The Disappointing Prequel

Prequels are ever the more popular these days.

cairo Cairo cinema +13

Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom: Dinosaurs 1 - Humans 0

Well, the graphics team are doing their job.

Action adventures +7

Ocean’s 8: Add a Female Cast and Stir

A step forward for women in film?

cairo Cairo cinema +11

Incredibles 2: Was It Worth the 14 Year Wait?

Did the film leave its adult audience satisfied?

cairo Cairo cinema +12

16 Cinematic Gems to Watch During Eid

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Here are some underrated but outstanding films to binge watch.

Show Dogs: Talking Dogs Are Cute but…

It is the plot of the film Miss Congeniality told via dogs.

cairo Cairo cinema +14

Kings: Havoc

Kings is a messy film talking about a messy period in US history.

cairo Cairo cinema +10

Ocean’s 8, Dead Pool 2, and Many Other Movies to Hit Cairo Right After Ramadan

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We're in for quite a cinema ride after Ramadan.

cairo Cairo cinema +8

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Høū Čïnë

مكتبة حلوان العامة شكرا


La Fandi There's nothing bquite alike the warmth of an authentic egypttion dinner brewing in a kitchen .

Janna Mohamed

Costa Coffee انا ذهبت للفرع دا النهاردة و محدش جه لمدة نصف ساعة قمت و مشيت الخدمة مقرفة بصراحة It…

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La La Land Entertaining movie, but I was expecting a lot more from the movies after all the awards won.....

Waseem El Tanahi

Samia Allouba Terrible gym. Super old machines that belong in a museum and lacking lots of machines and free weights…


Ahwak Salon de Thé: Elegant New Hangout in Zamalek I was there on the 5th day of Ramadan 2017 the place is nice but overpriced with 150…

Deadpool 2 Topples Avengers: Infinity War

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We can't wait till it hits Egyptian screens.

Avengers: Infinity War cairo +12

A Wrinkle in Time: A Magical Mess

Just another children’s film and not even a good one.

cairo Cairo cinema +12

Breaking In: Thin

The film is also a bit racist.

cairo Cairo cinema +11

Terminal: Such a Shame

The "could have been" pile for sure.

cairo Cairo cinema +13

You Were Never Really Here: Incomprehensible or Intriguing?

At first glance the film’s plot may seem like the ghost of past films.

cairo Cairo cinema +10