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Injie Tarek: The Design Guru Helping Egyptians Turn Their Homes Into Instagrammable Spaces

Injie Tarek: The Design Guru Helping Egyptians Turn Their Homes Into Instagrammable Spaces

Khoos & Jereed: Beautiful Upcycled Products

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Stunning craftsmanship.

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This Egyptian Household Item Is Making International Headlines

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A great business opportunity.

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Every 2019 Planner in the Capital: A Comprehensive Guide

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Which one of these is your favourite?

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Sami Amin: Leather & Brass Accessories With an Egyptian Twist

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Stunning pieces designed with artistry.

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Christmas in the Capital: Every Bazaar in Cairo

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It's that time of the year again!

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Tai Torky

Nola Cupcakes Nola's has become the contender for quality cupcakes in Egypt. We use them for everything from birthdays to…

Waseem El Tanahi

Gourmet Egypt Gourmet is a new cornerstone of shopping for fresh and rare ingredients in Cairo. The only draw back…


بوتشرز برجر – Butcher’s Burger بطاطس سيئة معاملةوحشة شايفيين نفسهم بيتعاملو مع الزبون بطريقة وحشة اللي بيقدملنا الطلب حكنالو على البطاطس المقليه بزيت…

Waseem.El Tanahi

Sequoia The best lounge in Cairo bar none. A must see for visitors for a piece of what living…

Waseem.El Tanahi

Gŭ Lounge One of Cairo's better nightspots at the moment. Best to reserve before heading there though as it gets…

Cairene Grooms: A Comprehensive Guide to Tuxedo Shopping in the Capital

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Suits fit for a groom.

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Book Lovers Gather Around for Dokki Discounted Book Fair

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Get all the books you need right here.

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Decathlon Egypt: Meet Cairo's Most Comprehensive Sports Store

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Happy shopping, Cairenes.

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This Local Sportswear Brand Is All About Providing Quality Products at Reasonable Prices

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Gear up for your workout sessions.

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