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Cairo Guide to Cruising the Nile in Style

Cairo Guide to Cruising the Nile in Style

Muezz El Din Street: The Heart of Medieval Cairo

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Coming out of Cairo’s Khan El Khalili Market after dusk and heading west toward El…

Cairo To Paris:Everything You Need to Know about the City of Lights

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To many Egyptian aficionados of arts and culture, nothing quite beats Paris when it comes…

Sahel Guide: The Best of North Coast Parties for 5/8 Weekend

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With Ramadan falling right in the middle of summer season, it seems that most coast-bound…

Cairo to Dubai: A Cheap Deal Guide

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While the hot weather is a major deterrent for some, if you are looking for…

Sahel Guide: The Best of North Coast Parties for 29/7 Weekend

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Fresh off its successful Freemasons party last weekend, Tamarai NC 151 in Bianchi Beach (Km…

Cairo 360 Guide to Hurghada

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Sprawling package hotels and lobster-red Russians are some of the clichés that come to mind…


The Right to Climb: Egypt Takes Charity to the Next Level

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An exciting initiative is currently underway in Egypt; on September 11th 2010, a team of…

Sahel Guide: This Weekend's Best North Coast Parties

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If the very sight of this photograph makes you miserable and wish you were anywhere…


Cairo 360 Guide to The Ultimate Weekend in Sahel

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Sahel season in Egypt is currently at its peak, especially given the fact that the…

WIN! A Night for Two at the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayam Casino

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Are you stuck in Cairo with that long-awaited beach getaway looming far on the horizon?…

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Mahamad El Tanahy

Dos Cañas Love this place. Great view, fresh air and the food is very good. Worth a visit - just…

Fady Victor

Nawab Best indian food in town and great customer service, the food came a little late but was delicious,…


Logan Nice movie, I recommend it to my friends.

Hashim Alsharef

الخمسينة المكان ضيق وطاولاتهم صغيرة وت وزيعه سيئ وأهم حاجة في المحل الحذر في الفاتورة إضافات من عندهم وانت…


عيال حريفة فيلم لا يساوي اكثر من صفر منتهى الاسفاف والاستخفاف بعقول شبابنا وتجاره فقط لموسم عيد الاضحي اين الرقابة

Omar Khaled

النبطي عندما بدات في قرأة هذه الرواية لم اكن افهم لماذا إختيار إسم النبطي وهو ليس من ابطال الرواية…

Cairo Guide: Visiting Coptic Cairo

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Conceptualising over five thousand years of Egyptian history kind of makes our brains go fuzzy.…

Al Azhar Mosque: Ancient Architecture and Design

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When the sun sets on Cairo and the hazy sky fills the air, you may…

Cairo Guide: Shopping in Khan El Khalili

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There’s absolutely nothing in Cairo like exploring the enormous shopping labyrinth of Khan El Khalili,…

Ibn Tulun Mosque: Cairo's Oldest and Largest Mosque

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Trying to see all of Cairo’s ancient treasures can be overwhelming. One sight that you…

Cairo Guide: Shopping in Wekalet El Balah Market

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Attention, aspiring fashion designers: If you crave vintage clothing and count NYC’s flea markets and…