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Adel Mesh Adel
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Adel Mesh Adel

  • starring
    Ahmad Al FishawyDinaMahmoud Al BezzawyMohamed OutakaMohamed RadwanShery Adel
  • genre
  • director
    Ahmed YousriAlaa Abd AllahHeba Adel
  • writer
    Adham SaeedHossam Kamal
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About Movie

Adel El Amin, a perplexed individual, becomes entangled in numerous predicaments when he falls for a girl whose reality intimidates him. Complicating matters further, he becomes the target of pursuit by journalist Ghada, whose sole focus is on acquiring sensational stories.

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Showing at

Sun City Cinema

Sun City Cinema

Sun City Mall - Heliopolis
Zamalek Cinema

Zamalek Cinema

13 Shagaret Al-Dur Street - Zamalek


67 Abd El Aziz Al Seoud St. - Manial

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