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Benadar Zorofak
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Benadar Zorofak

  • starring
    Ahmad Al FishawyArefa Abdul RasoulMahmoud HafezMai SelimMohamed MahmoudNesreen Tafesh
  • genre
  • director
    Ayman Makram
  • writer
    Samir Al Neel
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About Movie

In an impoverished neighborhood resides Hassan and Malak, where residents sustain themselves on chicken legs and skeletons. The story highlights the struggles of high pricing, monopoly, and merchants' greed, revealing the challenges of life and the resilience of love amidst such circumstances.

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Cairo Festival Cinema

Cairo Festival Cinema

Cairo Festival City, 5th Settlement - New Cairo
Galaxy Cineplex

Galaxy Cineplex

Mall of Arabia, Juhayna Sq - 6th of October City
Stars Cinema

Stars Cinema

CityStars - Heliopolis

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