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Biat Set
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Biat Set

  • starring
    Margo HaddadMostafa Abd Elsalamnejar mohamedRania ElkhatibSalma Al Deebtarek obied
  • genre
    HorrorMystery & Suspense
  • director
    Ahmed Adel AqelAsmaa Abdul Naby
  • writer
    Ayman El AideyShadi Al-Muslimi

About Movie

The myth of bringing the body of King Setnakht, the evil God to the ancient Egyptians, to life to rule mankind. Evil groups have been searching for thousands of years until now ... the blood of many innocent people have been shed as offerings waiting for his return ... is the hour close? Can journalist Salma reveal the secret of the myth, or will she be a victim of evil?

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