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Fasel Men El Lahazat El Lazeeza
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Fasel Men El Lahazat El Lazeeza

  • starring
    Bayoumi FouadHana Al ZahedHesham MagedJan ramezMohamed TharwatTaha Desouky
  • genre
  • director
    Ahmed El Gendy
  • writer
    George AzmySherif Nagib
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About Movie

A romantic comedy unfolds as a couple faces numerous challenges, only to stumble upon a serendipitous portal that transports them to parallel worlds.

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Showing at

Point 90 Cinemas

Point 90 Cinemas

Point 90 Mall, Street 90 (Opposite AUC Gate 5) Fifth Settlement, - New Cairo


67 Abd El Aziz Al Seoud St. - Manial

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