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Laylat El Eid
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Laylat El Eid

  • starring
    Abeer SabryGhada AdelHanady MehannaNaglaa BadrRiham AbdulghafourYousra
  • genre
  • director
    Sameh Abdel Aziz
  • writer
    Ahmed Abdullah
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About Movie

The narrative illuminates women's challenges by exploring the hardships faced by a group of women residing on an island. Their struggles arise from various problems and crises, stemming from a lack of comprehension of their rights by certain men.

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Showing at

Galaxy Cineplex

Galaxy Cineplex

Mall of Arabia, Juhayna Sq - 6th of October City


67 Abd El Aziz Al Seoud St. - Manial


35 Talaat Harb St. - Downtown

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