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Masameer the Movie
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Masameer the Movie

  • starring
    Ibrahim AlkhairallahLama AlfardShahad AlahmariYousef Aldakheel
  • genre
  • director
    Malik Nejer
  • producer
    Abdulaziz AlmuzainiAbdullah SaeedAdnan Al-Obthani
  • writer
    Abdulaziz AlmuzainiMalik Nejer

About Movie

Masameer the Movie is based on the most successful cartoon show in the Middle East and is coming to cinemas. The Saudi animation comedy loved by fans across the region sees 'Dana', a Saudi girl with a passion for artificial intelligence embark on a journey to create good in the world using robotics. Meanwhile, three friends 'Saad, Saltooh and Kalb' hit rock bottom and go on a journey of their own to prove themselves to society by becoming crime-fighting superheroes. Masameer the Movie is a hilarious comedy that's about doing what's right and is not to be missed.

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