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Poupelle of Chimney Town
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Poupelle of Chimney Town

  • starring
    Mana AshidaMasataka Kubota
  • genre
  • director
    Yusuke Hirota
  • producer
    Eiko TanakaRyoichi Fukuyama
  • writer
    Akihiro Nishino
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About Movie

There is a town surrounded by a wall that stands 4,000 meters tall. Because the town is full of chimneys, the air is always full of smoke. No one in the town knows what the sky looks like. On one night of the town's Halloween festival, a deliveryman accidentally drops the heart he is supposed to deliver. He cannot find the heart in the smoke and gives up. The heart continues to beat where it fell in the town of chimneys.

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Century Porto Cairo Cinema

Porto Cairo - New Cairo
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Sun City Cinema

Sun City Mall - Heliopolis
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Plaza Cinema

Americana Plaza Mall - Sheikh Zayed

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