Smack dab in the middle of the Fairmont Towers Heliopolis, between the old building and the new, is Fuze – one of the hotel’s many bars.

It’s hard to miss this place with its brightly lit orange bar,padded high chairs and tables overlooking the hotel’s atrium.

In addition to the high tables on an elevated level next to the bar, there are low bar stools almost like beanbags and various other seating, including comfy beige couches behind glass shades, all around the sides and the back of the bar.

Service at Fuze is prim and proper: we were quickly greeted, seated and handed menus a little too big for a cocktail bar – but then again this bar offers a serious number of cocktails and even an impressively extensive food selection.

They’re pretty well stocked: not only will you find top-notch bottles of liquor like Grey Goose, Blue Label and such; but you’ll also find options that are lighter on the wallet like Finlandia and Johnny Walker’s Red Label.

Once you’ve made your selection, the bartenders will prepare your drink very quickly; and they’re pretty generous with their pouring to say the least. Our whiskey-coke double (180LE) came in a highball glass almost brimming with Red Label, and the coke mixer was served separately in a cool-looking, little water jug: to add to your liking.

If whiskey isn’t your thing, Fuze has a drastic array of flavoured vodkas (even Limited Edition Absolut flavours) and liquors for their widespread cocktail list. Like something that’s not on the list? If they have the ingredients and you’re patient in explaining to the bartender what you want; they’ll whip it up for you right away.

A bottle of Heineken at this bar will set you back around 30LE; so if other drink selections are a bit expensive for you, then you can stick to beer and the bar will provide you with an assortment of complementary nuts and pretzels. Don’t worry about wolfing them down; the waitress will keep them coming as long as drink orders are happening.

An order of two beers, and three doubles complete with mixers came to a total of 600LE: it’s not the most wallet-friendly of bars in Cairo; but Fuze still manages to throw a good deal with the amount of liquor they pour into your drinks.