You know that friend of yours that has Ralph Lauren polo shirts in every single colour? Averaging at over a hundred dollars a pop, your friend has either recently robbed a bank or shops at Levity.

Levity is a two-storey men’s wear shop in Zamalek that sells quality knockoffs of all your favourite designer brands. The shop is located right behind the Om Kalthoum tower with a zebra print exterior and a huge black and white sign bearing the shop's name.

While Levity is one of many shops in the area that sell imitation designer clothing, Levity’s owner has an eye for style and always stocks a few impressively trendy items in addition to your essential fashionable wear.

All the merchandise here is for men, and the knockoffs are definitely high in quality; making it tough for even the shrewdest of fashionistas to notice that the displayed brands are not authentic.

The shop carries everything from shoes to jackets in imitation brands. A pair of everyone’s favourite Vans slip-ons runs for 100LE, while other brands of slip-on sneakers and basic shoes by Tommy Hilfiger, Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren are also available in the range of 240LE.

Ralph Lauren and Tommy v-necks are available in a variety of colours for around 260LE, and their quality is definitely uncanny and hoodies of the same brands go for around 280LE. These pieces would not be spotted as knockoffs by anyone, except for your very observant and fashion-savvy friend perhaps.

Upstairs, a wide array of jeans are on display including designs by Wrangler, Levi’s and Massimo Dutti. Their cuts may be limited, but at least the jeans are not botched up and are easy to wear. The material definitely seems solid and durable, and for 240LE, they’re a practical option.

Levity also carries those oh-so tight-fitting shirts that every smart-casual individual seems to sport. Tommy Hilfiger solid and striped dress shirts run around 240LE, surprisingly expensive considering that they’re knockoffs; but maybe that’s the price of embroidering a well-known logo. They also have a wealth of stylish Ralph Lauren jackets running around 450LE and leather jackets of various brands average at 500LE.

While items here are not as durable as their original counterparts, you should definitely consider Levity if you want to stock up on new trends without giving your wallet a hard time.

Disclaimer: Cairo 360 does not condone the sale or appropriation of counterfeit or imitation products in any way. This review is solely for the purpose of enlightening the reader.