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‎50 Artists Participate in Cairopolitan’s ‘Cairo Print’ Exhibition

‎50 Artists Participate in Cairopolitan’s ‘Cairo Print’ Exhibition
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Cairopolitan)

Art is an unspoken language that conveys stories, thoughts, and ideas. To celebrate the art of print, over 250 artworks are set to be on display at Cairopolitan’s Cairo Prints Exhibition that will kick off at 7:00 PM from the 10th to the 24th of February.

For those who are not acquainted with the name, Cairopolitan is a store whose range of products are inspired by Cairo’s endless prominent features. The downtown store also offers a variety of posters, artworks, and more.


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Mark your calendars everyone! Cairo Prints Exhibition will be taking place from the 10th till the 24th of February at Cairopolitan showcasing 250+ Artworks Under The Same Roof! For quite a long time Cairopolitan has been passionate about monitoring, excavating and acquiring the most special prints from the top established and emerging artists in Egypt and beyond. It was no surprise that prints have always been a dominant form of art from cinema, visual art, to music albums and publications. Cairopolitan has decided to break through all barriers and reach all prints enthusiasts everywhere by presenting a fine selection of over 250+ artwork and over 50 artists from the region and mostly Egypt, in an exhibition that showcases the special local and regional talents. Participating artists: @abdullah_muhammad95 @adamaghaffar @aaabhameed @hammoud_3000 @ahmd_thabit @ahmedbadrh @fffizo @hefne0 @mos3aad_ @ims3d @akramwilliam @alaaelhadidy98 @aliheraize @aliawahby @_andeel_ @ayamarzouk @engyakamel @eslam_aboelenien @georgeazmy @hanimahfouz @hanyrashed_ @hazem_mask @hichamrahma @husseindesalem @ibraheemyoussef @mag.berry @moodselector @menatallahamdy @shen.nawy @mostafaayoussef @oracle_ostraca @nadamohadel @nada.elsibaey @nellyelsharkawy @nora_aly @omar_gamal_eldin @omarmobarek @paulaamin1 @raghdamoataz @salmaalgamal @salma_hafez @sarah_mossallam @sedkialimam @shanwarillustrations @minstreldead @walidtahersadek @yoakim.eli Youssef Ayman مطبوعات القاهرة أكثر من ٢٥٠ عمل فني تحت سقف واحد لفترة طويلة كانت كايروبوليتان شغوفة و مهتمة باقتناء وعرض المطبوعات الخاصة من كبار الفنانين البارزين والناشئين داخل مصر وخارجها. لم تكن مفاجأة أن المطبوعات فن محفور في أذهاننا، بداية من السينما والفنون البصرية والبومات الموسيقى والمنشورات. قررت كايروبوليتان اختراق جميع الحواجز والوصول إلى جميع المحبين الفنون الرقمية والتصميم داخل وخارج مصر, من خلال تقديم مجموعة رائعة تضم أكثر من 250 عمل فني وأكثر من 50 فنانًا من مصر والمنطقة العربية، في معرض يضم المواهب الخاصة في بلدنا ومنطقتنا.

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Fifty artists from Egypt and the Middle East, ranging from illustrators, graphic designers, visual artists, and animators, will be showcasing their unique prints all under the same roof.

The featured artists are Abdullah Muhammad, Adam Abdelghaffar, Ahmad Abdelhameed, Ahmad Hammoud, Ahmad Thabit, Ahmed Badr, Ahmed Hafez Younis, Ahmed Hefnawy, Ahmed Mosaad, Ahmed Saad, Akram William, Alaa El Hadidy, Ali Heraize, Alia Wahby, Andeel, AyaMarzouk, EngyAly, Eslam Abo El-Enein, Eyen Design, George Azmy, Hani Mahfouz, HanyRashed, Hazem Kamal. HichamRahma, Hussein Salem, Ibraheem Youssef, Maged El Sokkary, Mahmoud Hamdy, MennaHamdy, Mohammed Shennawy, Mostafa Youssef, Muhammad Mustafa, Nada Adel, Nada El Sibaey, Nelly El Sharkawy, Nora Aly, Omar Gamal El-Din, Omar Mobarek, Paula Nageh, RaghdaMotaz, Salma Al-Gamal, Salma Hafez, Sarah Mossallam, SedkiAlimam, ShanwarBadr, TarekAbdelkawi, WalidTaher, Yoakim Eli, and Youssef Ayman.

Mark your calendars!