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‎‘Hetet Hekaya’ Spices this Year’s Ramadan Entertainment with an Extra Dash of Creativity

Arwa Gouda mohammed farag omer taher reeham abdel ghafour salwa mohamed ali tamer habib
‎‘Hetet Hekaya’ Spices this Year’s Ramadan Entertainment with an Extra Dash of Creativity
written by
Dina Mokhtar

It could be the strangest Ramadan that we’ve ever encountered; we’re stuck at home, no gatherings, and the only entertainment for us is the season’s run-of-the-mill entertainment programme. For some of Egypt’s creative brains, home confinement has been the spark that inspired them to create a one-of-a-kind series. Hetet Hekaya is the 30-episode series follows a group of employees, who, sick of their tedious job routine, decide to put their heads together for an artistic project.

Mind you, and this is not your average kind of plot. It’s just a cornerstone for a long trail of events and stories, improvised and related by a host of celebrities, artists, writers, and content creators. Each day, a celebrity adds a fragment, and no one knows where the story is going.


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Renowned screenplay writer Tamer Habib started Hetet Hekaya with a story, before names like Omer Taher, Amro Salama, Abu, Mohammed Farrag, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Riham Abdul Ghafour, and Amro Wahba took over. Expect other celebrities, such as Mariam Naoum, Arwa Gouda, and Hady El Bgoury to feature in the future.

But who’s behind this brilliant idea? Advertising agency Random Content are the brains behind Hetet Hekaya, with a list of partners including, Musiq, Ginger TM, The Producers, Hama Film Productions, Grasp Studio, and The Carousel World.

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