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‎‘Rayeh Gai’: A Graduation Project that Reminds Us that Egypt Has More than Meets the Eye‎

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‎‘Rayeh Gai’: A Graduation Project that Reminds Us that Egypt Has More than Meets the Eye‎
written by
Dina Mokhtar

We all have that one friend who never refrains from bragging about their travels around the globe. However, most of the time, when you ask where they’ve been in Egypt, they list the run-of-the-mill cities and governorates that almost all of us have been to at least once.

‘Rayeh Gai’ is a reminder to all Egyptians, adventurous travellers included, that Egypt is far more than Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Sinai, and is here to draw your attention to the nation’s other governorates that are worth adding to your bucket list.

Rayeh Gai, the graduation project of students from Misr International University, is an attempt to encourage local tourism. Shedding light on the many hidden gems in Egypt that are waiting to be discovered, Rayeh Gai caters to the youth by offering information in a wrap of attractive visuals and an entertaining tone of voice.


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What we like about the project is that it deviates from the usual focal point, which is offering information about historic tourist sites; instead, they are covering the overlooked aspects of life in the governorates, including folk arts, food, dialect, and culture.

The group behind Rayeh Gai is aware of that the pandemic is now an obstacle that keeps us from going anywhere, so they chose the tagline Dream Now, Travel Later.

Whether you are in it for an adventure or just wanting to revisit your hometown, Rayeh Gai is worth checking out.