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360 Recommends: Four Art Exhibitions Not to Be Missed this January

360 Recommends: Four Art Exhibitions Not to Be Missed this January
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    January 2011 is an exciting month for the Cairo arts and culture scene,
    especially with these very intriguing exhibitions currently showing around
    town. Here is a list of our recommended highlights:

    Showing Now

    Asuncion Molinos
    at Contemporary Image Collective (CIC):
    Titled ‘Untitled 3 (WAM)
    World Museum of Agriculture’, this exhibition by Townhouse’s artist-in-residence
    Asuncion Molinos takes a look at the aesthetics of the Agriculture Museum in Cairo in parallel with the ongoing transformation of museums in a
    contemporary, international context. Molinos references the old-style
    techniques of museums to discuss new processes of food production and the
    cultural impact within. To have some background, head to the Agriculture Museum
    in Cairo before checking it out! The exhibition ends on January 31st.For
    more information on the artist, check out the artist’s website.

    Coptic Art
    Revealed at Amir Taz Palace
    : Consider this a traveling exhibition that is rich
    with a deep history often forgotten when compared to the popularity of the
    pharaonic period. Coptic artwork has
    been collected from eight different museums across Egypt and assimilated into
    an exhibition at the beautiful Amir Taz Palace. After extensive renovations,
    the palace is currently filled to the brim with ancient artifacts and
    intriguing works of art. The exhibition is organised well, allowing the
    educational material to be easily read and understood. The exhibition ends on January 31st. Click here for an in-depth review.

    Upcoming Exhibitions

    Georges Bahgory at
    Al Masar Gallery:
    One of Egypt’s most beloved contemporary artists will
    host a much-awaited solo exhibition at Al Masar Gallery on January 16th. His
    years of study and practice between Cairo and Paris have earned Bahgory his status as one of the most accomplished and revered artists of his time. With his various painting styles, lithographs and famous
    caricatures, Bahgory’s keen eye for aesthetics combined with his
    thought-provoking commentary make for a great experience. This exhibition
    at Al Masar Gallery will only be testament to that. A few of his pieces are part of the permanent
    collection at the Museum of Modern
    ; so head there beforehand to get a taste of his work. February 7th
    is the last day of the exhibition.

    Ibrahim El Haddad
    at Mashrabia Gallery
    : Also opening on January 16th is a
    unique exhibition at Mashrabia Gallery in Downtown Cairo. Ibrahim El Haddad is a local contemporary
    artist, who will display his latest collection of both small
    and large paintings. Haddad’s work reveals a sense of the abstract while the feminine subject is a recurrent element featured in his paintings. The
    exhibition will continue until February 10th.