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7 Must-Have Egyptian-Made Games for Ramadan Gatherings

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7 Must-Have Egyptian-Made Games for Ramadan Gatherings
written by
Daniel William

With Ramadan finally here, there will be endless gatherings with friends and family. From stuffing your face with our mother’s delicious cooking to chugging down pints of sobya and kharoub, food is definitely essential. However, there are more ways to have fun with the people you love than seeing who can finish their plate first. And what better way to spend your evening than playing interactive board games?

Whether you look forward to such get-togethers or your social battery can’t handle it, these games will spice up your Ramadan nights.

2oul A-Meme



What started as an idea for a single game grew into Egypt’s best-selling game company, with six more games added to their list. We haven’t tried their latest releases, Wala3a and Ma3ahom Wala 3aleihom, but the OG ones are a must-have!

2oul A-Meme feeds Egyptians’ love for “effehat” by drawing a meme card and then having players pick the most fitting situations from the cards in their hands for that meme. The judge, chosen at the beginning of the game, gets to decide who was the funniest and grants them a point.

We have to give an honourable mention to their Egyptian edition of Pictionary called Fan Gogh and Oul Aw E3mel, which is basically their version of Truth or Dare.


The game comes in two forms, KataMosalslat and Kataflam, with the latter having multiple releases: Kataflam 100 mg, Kataflam 200 mg, and Kataflam: Henedy Edition.

Varying based on their content and number of cards, they all serve as every movie enthusiast’s dream game as it’s trivia about Egyptian movies and TV shows.


In a more specified manner, this game calls out for all Friends lovers. The board game has six categories with hundreds of trivia questions about the hit TV show that you need to get right to proceed. Along with the board comes a magical lens that reveals the answers on the cards, which we think is the coolest prop ever!

Zag Games

Al Hekaya has to be our favourite game from Zag’s collection. It starts with one person, the author, who draws a prompt card and introduces the story for this round. The players then begin asking questions about that story, and the author has to answer, but with a twist, as he needs to draw a card from the criteria deck with every answer. Criteria cards include specified timings or locations that he must follow as he narrates his story.


Two teams, each having a moderator and a guesser, compete against one another in this guessing game. Each team must get as many of the 25 random words based on one-word clues given by the moderator. In order to win, you’ll have to team up with that one telepathic friend you have so that you can get all the words in time.

The Bonfire Experience

A game that transports you, emotionally rather than physically, to a heart-to-heart gathering around a crackling bonfire. With every drawn card, you get asked a deep and personal question. For the full experience, participants must let their guards down and open up.

The Kit

Another great self-development game has to be The Happy Kit for children. The card game comes with a mobile application where you scan different cards to get various interactive games and illustrations. The card game tackles numerous aspects: kindness, emotional regulation, happiness, coping strategies, gratitude, affirmations, resilience, mindfulness, and boundaries. All of them aim at enhancing a child’s thinking and development.