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8 Podcasts to Transform Your Downtime

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8 Podcasts to Transform Your Downtime
    written by
    Aminah Keevy

    Image credit: The Pipeline

    Ever get home and feel like reading, but you’re too tired to keep your eyes focused on the words? How about on your way to work, does the commute playlist get redundant? Why not switch up the routine and try getting into podcasts? They’re easy to follow, require no extra effort, and can play in the background while you check-off things from your to-do list! Here are 8 podcasts worth looking into:


    Hidden Brain

    Curious about subconscious processes and patterns that influence how we behave? Check out Hidden Brain, where every episode addresses a different question, conflict or complexity!

    Listen on Apple, Google and Spotify.

    Via Hidden Brain

    On Being

    Interested in learning more about human connection? What about how to live together and treat one another? Follow Krista Tippett on her Peabody award-winning podcast, On Being, which includes interviews and discussions with different people on various topics each week. 

    Via On Being

    The Lore

    Multiple award-winning podcast, The Lore, offers thrilling accounts of historical crime-stories. Follow the eerie twists and nightmare-ish realties and explore the dark side of history with new episodes out every other Monday.

    Listen on Apple, Google and Spotify.

    Via The Lore

    The Partially Examined Life

    Fan of philosophy? The Partially Examined Life podcast involves philosophical questions and discussions between friends located around the world.

    Listen on Apple, Spotify and Audible.

    Via Madison Magazine

    Revisionist History

    From masterful author, Malcolm Gladwell, comes Revisionist History where he discusses things “overlooked and misunderstood.” Sure to have you rethink something new each episode, this podcast is a must-try!

    Listen on Apple and Spotify.

    Via The Arc

    Sound Opinions

    Intrigued by music? Sound Opinions addresses various aspects of music, including history, artist news, and components in genre and production. 

    Listen on Apple on Spotify.

    Via Stitcher

    Stuff to Blow Your Mind

    Love science and paranormal quandaries? Stuff to Blow Your Mind examines cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels, trans-human future and everything in between. Each episode will blow your mind!

    Listen on Apple and Google.

    Via Apple Podcasts

    30 for 30

    For anyone interested in sports, 30 for 30 provides explanations on historical sporting events and celebrities in each episode. Commentary and audio snippets from games, press conferences and personal interviews make the ESPN podcast quite unique.

    Via 30 for 30