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A Guide to Egyptian Podcasts

A Guide to Egyptian Podcasts
    written by
    Mohamed Raafat

    Like it or not, commuting is part of our daily lives. Whether it’s going to work, college, or school, we spend a tedious amount of time on the road every day, and that’s something we won’t be able to change. What we can change, however, is making our commute enjoyable. One way to do that is by listening to podcasts. That’s why we picked a top Egyptian podcast from different categories and compiled a list just for you.

    Podcast Elmy Gedan (Science)

    The YouTube star who got us all to love science is back with a podcast. Ahmed Samir, the man behind the popular channel Egycology, is now hosting Podcast Elmy Gedan. In this podcast, Samir does what he does best and explains phenomena that are unknown to most of us. However, what’s different between the podcast and the YouTube channel is that Samir focuses more on sociological phenomena. Of course, he still makes a scientific episode every now and then. The show touches on topics like loneliness, what defines a human, astrology, and more.
    You can listen to the podcast on this link or any of the popular apps.

    Nadi El Tareekh w El Asateer El Serry (History & Fiction)

    In this podcast, the host takes you on a sarcastic, engaging journey through some of the most famous historical and mythological events. It features famous Greek myths such as Hercules and Perseus, Norse myths such as the stories of Thor, Odin, and the Ragnarök, and also talks about historical events such as 9/11 and World War II, and even off-the-books 20th-century Egyptian history.
    One of the best aspects of this show is that it’s available in both video and audio formats. You can listen to and watch the podcast on this link.


    Kora Sharab (Sports)

    Kareem Nasser and Youssef Badr started this podcast back in the quarantine days with the goal of talking about the thing they love: football. The show focuses on the history of football, analysing football performances, summarising results, and even discuss The Fantasy Premier League.
    You can enjoy this podcast on this link or any popular music apps.

    Bel Bejama (Celebrity)

    Sherif Nour El-Deen, the journalist famous for being the only Egyptian to interview Luis Fonsi, created this podcast almost two years ago. The idea is simple. Get a celebrity, put them in pyjamas and spend the next hour talking about every detail of their lives, from embarrassing moments to career-defining moments. The show featured famous stars like Tara Emad, Amir El Masry, Boshra, and many more.
    Season Three of the podcast is available now, and it has more to offer than ever. You can enjoy it in audio format on any favourite music apps or video via this link.

    Kalam Yenawar (Business)

    This is probably one of the most useful, informative podcasts on our list. Omar Shams, the co-founder of Introspect Capital, noticed that most of us Egyptians are completely unaware of some of the most important financial terms. Omar’s target audience is regular people who aren’t business experts. He tries his best to simplify complicated terms like financial stability and literacy, and talks about savings, how much you should save, and how to save money.
    You can listen to this podcast on this link or any of your favourite music apps.

    Kefaya Ba2a (Comedy)

    Alaa El Sheikh describes his podcast as “Hardcore sarcastic, and not for the faint-hearted”, and we can assure you that he means every word! The podcast focuses on discussing or criticising Egyptian events, people, or traditions with no regard to anyone’s emotions. The show is beautifully produced but, please bear in mind it’s a +18 podcast.
    You can listen to the podcast on this link or any popular music apps.

    The mother being (Health)

    Reproductive and sexual health educator, Nour Emam, decided she had had enough of the sexual ignorance in the Middle East and started “The Mother Being” podcast. In the leading reproductive and sexual health education platform in the Arab world, Nour talks about the stuff most Arab societies consider taboo, despite their great importance in our lives. Join Nour on a journey to discover yourself and your body.
    Listen to this podcast on this link.

    Kalam Kotob (Arts)

    Mahmoud Nasha’at started this podcast back in 2019, intending to make people love books more. In each episode, Nasha’at, sometimes assisted by his friend Eman Khafagy, discusses a new book, sharing their ideas and points of view while making sure not to spoil the book. The podcast works as a teaser for the books, and the episodes are designed to make you more interested in reading something new.
    You can listen to the podcast on this link or any of your favourite music apps.