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A Sneak Peek for What to Expect in This Year’s Creative Industry Summit

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A Sneak Peek for What to Expect in This Year’s Creative Industry Summit
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    Cairo 360

    Nobody is as excited as we are about the upcoming Creative Industry Summit. In preparation for this exciting annual event, we conducted five interviews with creative leaders in vastly different fields.

    Youssef Mohsen

    When it comes to anything sports-related, nobody is more passionate than Egyptians, and it’s no different with esports. We had the pleasure of talking with Youssef Mohsen, founder of Anubis Gaming, the leading esports organisation in the MENA region and the first team founded in Egypt.

    • How important are esports for the Egyptian youth?

    Esports has a massive effect on today’s youth because of its ease of access and reward system. Players can access games much faster than regular sports; they’re also rewarded based on their performances and things such as sportsmanship and good communication on a live basis. The youth today are all about the now, and esports reflects that.

    • What’s the difference between esports and traditional sports in Egypt?

    The biggest difference, beyond the obvious, is the lack of bias. We depend on a coach or manager to define what level we’ve reached. In esports, the AI within these games is what tells us how good we are. This removes all bias/corruption/human error when it comes to being told how good you are.”

    • What does the future hold for Anubis Gaming?

    The launching of the region’s first esports academy. In most sports, we haven’t been able to have our own national or regional playstyle because we were too late to develop. We have faith that one day when you see our team in a World Championship, you’ll be able to tell where we come from based on a unique playstyle and approach to the game.

    Waseem El Tanahi

    Digital Marketing is quickly becoming an all-consuming industry, and Media Republic, with the guidance of its CEO Waseem El Tanahi, has been at its helm ever since it was established in 2009.

    • How did the pandemic change Media Republic?

    The pandemic made us more agile and allowed us to put in place processes that made us more adaptive at the time, and efficient today. For instance, working from home, which took a lot of getting used to in the first few weeks, has allowed us to be more efficient now we are back in the office.  I would say we still conduct half our meetings virtually with clients, and this not only saves time but fosters a closer client relationship and feedback loop, which results in much better and more efficient work.

    • What do you think is the future of advertisement in Egypt?

    The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in Egypt in a way we could have never thought possible. Brands of all sizes and sectors have taken their business online, whether it’s coffee sold through e-com platforms or the proliferation of telehealth.  This has allowed for much more convenience for the consumer, and of course, greater revenues for brands.  What we are really excited about is the future of this digital transformation and how the consumer journey will be seamlessly integrated between real world and digital experiences.  We are imagining a world where it may be difficult to know where the offline world ends and the digital begins. That is what we think will separate the winners and the losers in the coming years.

    Shosha Abo El Kheir

    Stepping up to talk about inspiration in the architectural design field is the award-winning designer Shosha Abo El Kheir.

    • Why aren’t there more Egyptian designers taking inspiration from Egypt’s history?

    The Ancient Egyptian heritage was never given the proper attention in our everyday social lives. When people see more of Egypt and more of its heritage, they will definitely see the beauty it beholds. Lately, this has been changing, and more and more designers have been finding inspiration in this treasure that is The Ancient Egyptian Heritage

    • What do you think Egypt needs to produce more talented designers?

    I believe that Egyptians are genetically blessed with creativity and innovation, but there are always boosters for that, starting from their early education at schools to their everyday art appreciation skills. We need to spread the culture of beauty in our cities and rural areas. We need to see beauty in our streets, alleys, buildings, and even inside our homes. Beauty In, Beauty Out!