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Anniversary Alert: Cairo 360 Turns 12!

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Anniversary Alert: Cairo 360 Turns 12!
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Cairo 360

The month of March celebrates a lot of things, doesn’t it? Off the top of our heads, we can count women and mothers as well as the start of March. We can also count a lot of impactful people whose birthdays and achievements we love to celebrate, from Ahmed El-Sakka to Asser Yassin, Youssra, Dina El-Sherbiny, and more.

But, here’s one more exciting and, if we may say so ourselves, life-changing thing that March represents: Cairo 360’s birthday! 2022 makes it all the more special, as we turn twelve years old.

With our twelfth birthday here, we’d like to celebrate our achievements and our love for all things Cairo with the ones who matter most: you, our dear readers. Twelve years ago, we embarked on this journey of discovering Cairo and exploring all sorts of adventures it can offer, from tasting exquisite food to embracing new experiences and more, so we can help you engulf yourself with the full, no-holds-barred Cairene experience. 

To celebrate our birthday month, we’ll be sharing with you a lot of cool content citing 12 things we loved the most across many categories, be they culture-oriented, food-oriented, or something else. So keep an eye out for dozens (see what we did there?) of interesting surprises.

We’ll also be celebrating in style at Cairo Jazz Club 610 with Cairo’s glitterati, so be sure to look out for live coverage of all the fun and the stellar musical acts that are set to kick our celebration spectacularly.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for having our back with your constant support. After all, Cairo 360 wouldn’t have been the comprehensive guide to the capital that you know and love.