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Artists of Tomorrow: An Exhibition You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Artists of Tomorrow: An Exhibition You Don’t Want to Miss!
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Cairo 360

Cairo’s museums and galleries, and often its public spaces, are home to some of the most creative and inspiring art in the world. Egypt is also home to a host of incredibly talented young individuals.

Each year The ArtsMart Gallery (TAM) showcases a selection of upcoming, rising talents, giving them the exposure thy deserve. The talents that are discovered are the ones we need to invest in today. Art is what makes us passionate; it can make us tear up, it can have us reflect, it can leave us dwelling on certain elements within our souls. As such, attention to young artists is more than necessary.

The ArtsMart Gallery will proudly host its “Artists of Tomorrow” exhibition starting Friday, April 5th until Saturday, April 27th. Artists of Tomorrow’s main purpose is to create that novel and meaningful experience that people want to find in art, by means of finding ways to support new generations of upcoming artists, whose names we may not yet know. With ancient Egyptian art, and some more modern Egyptian artists, being valued around the world, Artists of Tomorrow aims to promote these promising, young artists, and have them gain international recognition and appreciation.

The following names will be the exhibition’s shining stars in 2019 Artists of Tomorrow:

Ahmed Roshdy, Eman Barakat, Engie Ezeldin, Hesham Abdelmoaty, Joseph El Duwairy, Malak El Shazly, Mostafa Aboaly, Omar Badran, Takwa Sabry, Therese Antoine, Yassin Harraz.

Some previous Artists of Tomorrow “graduates” include: Mohamed El Damarawy (2015), Lina Mowafy (2015), Amani Moussa (2018), Aya El Fallah (2015), Mohamed ElSharkawy (2015), Omar Abdelzaher (2015), Klay Kassem (2016), Mohamed Sabry (2016), Deena Fadel (2016), Ahmed El Kutt (2016), Lubna AbdelAziz (2016), Alaa Abu Elhamd (2018), Ali Saeed(2017), Adham Badawy (2017), Omar Senada (2018), Rabab Eissa (2018), Kamila Bassiouni (2018).

This very special exhibition will be held at the ArtsMart Gallery. The opening reception will be held on Friday 5th of April from 7 to 9 pm. Following the reception, the exhibition will be open on Sundays through Thursdays from 10 am to 7 pm, and from 12 pm to 6 pm on Saturdays.

For more information you should check out the ArtsMart Gallery’s website; did we also mention that you can buy, and sell, unique artistic pieces from that very website? For more information feel free to call +201000773860. You can also follow ArtsMart Gallery on Instagram.