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Arts-Mart: Online Platform For Artists in Egypt & the Middle East

Arts-Mart: Online Platform For Artists in Egypt & the Middle East
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Accepted as the most unbiased and universal method of communication, art is undoubtedly a vital cultural aspect of modern civilisation. Unfortunately, it has now become a rather underplayed form of expression which has suffered through a variety of unfortunate trends and limitations. This constraint of artistic expression is no more apparent than within contemporary Egyptian culture. Usually unfairly associated with an almost reckless and irresponsible real-world pursuit, art has been confined to the small number of galleries and showrooms scattered across Cairo.

Unfortunately, the deep-rooted emotion and contemplation that art was once able to provoke, both here and across the Middle East, is no longer relatable as a means of commentary.

In the last few years however, and more specifically since the January 25th Revolution, artistic expression in Egypt has flourished into a modern and aggressive version of its once shadowed, recent past. Many Egyptian artists have developed unique styles and means of conveying their frustrations and opinions in new and innovative ways.

Despite this new surge in artistic creativity, it is still very difficult for a rising talent to build a reputation which allows them the luxury to continue producing art professionally. Although more accepting of art, Egypt is still very raw to this form of expression and how to honour it.

Heeding the call of this growing niche market, launched in November of 2012 and combined the ease and convenience of the internet with the powerful imagery and timeless form of art, to present an open art gallery that can be enjoyed by any art lover. Deemed as the largest internet art gallery in the region, has assembled an archive which consists of over 500 artistic pieces by Egyptian artists and talented newcomers – each of which can be purchased.

To celebrate the new season, the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Garden City will once again welcome Arts-Mart for their annual art exhibition. Held on December 14th, the show will surpass the previous years’ quantity with a total of 250 artistic pieces to be displayed inside the lavish hotel setting. Hosting a variety of pieces by local artists, the exhibition is only for one day and aims to promote talented Egyptian artists who would have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Boasting an eclectic display of diverse designs, techniques, and mediums, the Arts-Mart exhibition provides an impressive outlet in which artists are able to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the social and political aspects of their country as well as the international community as a whole.

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