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Artsy Summer 2024: Crafts to Learn in Summer and Where

artsy summer crafts to learn summer 2024
Artsy Summer 2024: Crafts to Learn in Summer and Where
written by
Salsabil Yasser

If you’re a student, you’re probably done with the exam season. While everyone is either spending their time splashing around in Sahel with family and friends or actively working on boosting their CV through enrolling in a long list of summer internships and field training, some might just be looking for some quality time with themselves. Honestly, that is hands down the most rewarding option.

If this sounds like you, here are some crafts you can learn through courses and workshops for the proper “me time” experience.


Arabic Calligraphy-Art Café

One of our Editor’s Choice Awards-Arts and Culture Venues winners, Art Café in Sheikh Zayed, houses a variety of art workshops and courses, creating a calm second home for their visitors and a community like no other. One of the frequently offered workshops is Arabic Calligraphy, teaching you the beautifully intricate art of Arabic calligraphy with its flowing nature and endless creative possibilities for expression.


Candle Making-Art Café

Another craft to learn at Art Café is candle making, a warm, relaxing art to start your artistic journey. In Art Café’s Candle Making course, you will spend four classes learning all you need to know about candle making—from safety tips to making a scented candle from scratch.


Polymer Clay-Rustic Gallery

On the 7th of July, Rustic Gallery, an artistic haven in New Cairo, is offering their Polymer Clay workshop, where you’ll enter as a total beginner and emerge with your own DIY clay accessories that are bound to become your all-time favourite accessories.


Pottery-Fokhara Studio

Located in New Cairo, Fokhara Studio, as the name suggests, is solely dedicated to teaching the slow, mindful art of pottery and helping you understand and observe the charms of all the average, everyday items we use.


Crochet-Noqoush Academy of Designs and Crafts


A creative outlet currently enjoyed by all ages (instead of the stereotypical image of a grandma crocheting), crochet is one of the most rewarding, versatile crafts to learn. Once you understand it, everything around your place will be crocheted: coasters, clothes, blankets, flowers, bookmarks, you name it! Want to learn it? Noqoush Academy of Designs and Crafts in Nasr City is your best friend!


Punch Needle-Mariam Satour

We simply had to include Mariam Satour’s course in this list; it’s a masterpiece. A fibre artist and designer, Mariam Satour certainly knows her craft. Selling digital punch needle patterns, fabric bundles, and her online course “Master the Art of Punch Needle,” be prepared to lose yourself in the world of punch needle with Satour; you’ll love it, we promise!


Woodworking-Cairo’s Workshop

In Fustat Street, Cairo’s Workshop offers woodworking classes, talks, and workshops. From their “Zero to Hero” course to their “Woodturning” workshop, they can teach you almost everything you need to know about woodworking.


Fashion Design-Dalia Bassel Academie


First, you can check out other locations to learn fashion design here. However, we ought to recommend Dalia Bassel Academie in Al Azhar. Through the Instagram reels of the founder, Dalia Bassel, which showcase her courses explaining different aspects of fashion design, Bassel has gained the love of everyone interested in fashion.


Drawing and Painting-Art Square Academy

Art Square Academy is a professional educational centre nestled in Nasr City and dedicated to all things art. They frequently offer courses and workshops to teach painting. Whether it’s oil painting, abstract art, or portrait drawing that you’re after, you can find it at Art Square Academy.


Bookbinding-Chadi Salama

One of the lesser-known crafts in Egypt that deserves more recognition is bookbinding. To learn it, Dr. Salama’s bookbinding workshops, known as the “It Looks Like a Book” workshops, are here for you. It offers a diverse array of stitches to learn. Whether you want to master the classic Coptic stitch or the decorative French link stitch, Dr. Salama has got you covered! We do recommend beginners start with the Japanese stitch, though.