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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Arts & Culture Award Winners

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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Arts & Culture Award Winners
written by
Salsabil Yasser

We know all about Cairo’s culinary scene, shopping scene, cinematic scene, etc, but we think it’s due time for a change in the way we experience Cairo. So, if you’re looking for that much-needed change in the kinds of outings, look no further! With our capital’s bustling arts and culture scene, you can indulge in a cultural route like no other, so here are the top editor-approved arts and culture venues in Cairo!


El Sawy Culturewheel

One of the staples in Zamalek, El Sawy Culturewheel had to make it into this list as one of the all-time top performing arts venues in Cairo.


Picasso Art Gallery

Another iconic arts venue in Zamalek, Picasso Art Gallery is one of the top-notch spots to unleash your inner art critic as you explore their exhibitions and quality art works.


ROOM Art Space

Located in Garden City, ROOM Art Space regularly boasts a variety of live performances. From performances of up-and-coming musicians to karaoke nights and stand-up comedy, ROOM Art Space is a safe space for all creatives.


Safarkhan Art Gallery

Nestled in the heart of Zamalek, Safarkhan Art Gallery is home to modern Egyptian art, giving everyone a chance to experience the beauty of Egyptian art.


Zamalek Art Gallery

For over two decades, Zamalek Art Gallery has embraced modern and contemporary Egyptian art, representing art pioneers in Egypt.


Zawya Cinema

For non-mainstream movies, indie films, and even old movies we all miss, Downtown Cairo’s Zawya Cinema is your go-to.


UBUNTU Art Gallery

Promoting emerging artists, UBUNTU Art Gallery in Zamalek (a true cultural hub) offers different experiences—from exhibitions to seminars and art consultancy.


TAM Gallery-The Arts-Mart Gallery

In District 5, the newly opened branch of TAM Gallery-The Arts-Mart Gallery stands out, showcasing one of the largest collections of contemporary Egyptian art.


Rawabet Art Space

Purporting to enhance the Egyptian art scene, Rawabet Art Space in Qasr El Nil consistently hosts exhibitions and performances, giving a space for all kinds of art to thrive.


Takiyyat Musafir

Takiyyat Musafir in El Darb El Ahmar has consistently demonstrated itself as a cultural centre dedicated to providing everyone with access to cultural events and experiences unlike any other.


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

Every month, the Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art in Dokki organises temporary exhibitions, allowing the many contemporary artists of Egypt to shine.



Within our favourite sanctuary in Cairo that is Maadi, the Community Services Association emerges with the noble aim of forming an inclusive multicultural community where all members connect through diverse wellness, arts, and educational events and offerings.


Makan – Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts

A live music venue located downtown, Makan-Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts (ECCA) gained immense and well-deserved recognition, all thanks to their Zar performances. Beyond hosting Zar performances, Makan-ECCA holds diverse concerts for different traditional Egyptian music genres.


Diwan Bookstore

Diwan is one of those spots you can never go wrong with. Besides selling books (obviously), Diwan in Maadi is a multifaceted community that offers some worthy-of-more-recognition events and offerings, such as book club meetings and seminars.


Bibliothek Egypt

From book club meetings and workshops to book signing events and discussions, Bibliothek Egypt in Sheikh Zayed is not just another bookstore—it’s also an art gallery and café, making it the ultimate cultural destination that is also perfect for winding down. Among the many incredible things about Bibliothek’s bookstore is that it is among the few places in Cairo where you’ll find the Penguin publishing house’s special editions (bibliophiles know what we’re talking about).


Retrograde Records

A mesmerising boutique shop in Zamalek, Retrograde Records specialises in vinyl records, books, and all things vintage!


Cairo Opera House

Need we explain this one? Well, the Cairo Opera House in Zamalek remains the OG arts and culture hub in all of Egypt. With its packed calendar of performances, Cairo Opera House is known to be the launching pad for a slew of artists!


El Hanager Arts Centre

Within Zamalek’s Cairo Opera House, El Hanager Arts Centre boasts a small theatre where artworks are regularly exhibited.


The Marquee

Acclaimed as THE ultimate entertainment destination, Cairo Festival City’s The Marquee is an arts and performance venue that leaves no stone—or genre, if we’re being accurate—unturned with its performances and concerts.


Bayt Yakan

In Darb El Ahmar, you’ll find Bayt Yakan, a mesmerising historical house hosting millions and millions of stories and tales worth recounting.


Wekalet El-Ghouri

Wekalet El-Ghouri is an arts centre located in El Azhar. There, you can attend their different performances and events while admiring the phenomenal architectural genius of the place.



More than a mere coworking space, Zamalek’s Gramophone is a comforting, tranquil arts universe where workshops, concerts, and diverse performances are hosted.


Soul Lounge

Nestled in Maadi, Soul Lounge aims to create a community more akin to a family, where members connect with their souls and higher selves through events such as open mic nights, jam nights, and dancing days!


Townhouse Gallery

A contemporary art space in Qasr El Nil, Townhouse Gallery goes beyond offering art exhibitions; they host multiple film screenings, seminars, performing arts shows, and workshops, creating a harmonious meeting point for artists.


Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey

Dedicated to providing a space for a free expression of arts and culture, the Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey in Darb Al-Sakiya holds concerts, exhibitions, bazaars, and fairs.


Beit Zeinab Khatoon

Offering visitors a trip down Egypt’s memory lane, helping them get a glimpse of Zeinab Khatoon’s life, who was one of the servants of one of Egypt’s Mamluk leaders, Beit Zeinab Khatoon in El-Darb El-Ahmar is ideal for a different cultural experience with friends andfamily. When you go, don’t forget to enjoy a coffee in the café that was once the house’s yard.


Prince Taz Palace

More Mamluk-style architectural spots! Prince Taz Palace in Al-Khalifa District is a must-visit for all history fanatics!


Cocoon Cultural Center

For all the creatives out there, you NEED to make Cocoon Cultural Centre in Abdeen your new second home; you can’t miss out on all their offerings—from their workshops and artistic retreats to their exhibitions!


El Warsha Theater Troupe

The inaugurator of independent theatre troupes in Egypt, El Warsha Theater Troupe in Abdeen provides visitors with both educational and entertaining theatre experiences like no other.


AUC Tahrir Cultural Centre

Forming a window that allows everyone to take note of and admire the different forms of artistic expression in Egypt, AUC Tahrir Cultural Centre in Abdeen connects countless artists together through multiple events.


Foustat Traditional Crafts Center

Through various educational programs, Foustat Traditional Crafts Center in Old Cairo aims to revive our Egyptian traditional crafts.


Tut Arts and Culture Hub

Offering an art co-working space, arts educational experiences, and venue hiring events, Tut Arts and Culture Hub in New Cairo welcomes all artists with open arms, inviting them to express themselves freely with whichever medium their heart desires.



Obviously, we can’t ignore spiritual practices in this list! Ahimsa, a spiritual retreat centre in Giza, provides pottery classes, 9D emotional healing breathwork events, kayaking, meditation events, yoga retreats, and so much more!


Irth for Arts and Cultural Development

Mainly known for teaching different art styles and types, Irth for Arts and Cultural Development in the Daher district is a perfect spot to get into the arts and experiment with its diverse types.


Afnan Art Studio

An arts education centre in New Cairo, Afnan Art Studio specialises in providing grade-A arts courses for adults and children.


Darb 15

In Maadi, Darb 15 offers different kinds of workshops, including filmmaking workshops, candle-making, origami, and so much more.


Art Café

Exuding a relaxing feel, Art Café in Al Sheikh Zayed helps you receive a much-needed artistic getaway away from the hustle and bustle of our monotonous day-to-day life.


Gypsum Gallery

For over a decade now, the Gypsum Gallery in Maadi has been revolutionising the Egyptian art scene by displaying the works of 13 artists who use their art to express political, social, and cultural ideas.  


Access Art Space

Located on Champollion Road, Access Art Space promotes artists with many exhibitions and educational experiences.


Arcade Gallery

In a small, serene villa in Maadi, Arcade Gallery finds a home to support and promote different contemporary art disciplines with exhibitions.