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Cairo is Big on Events: Ten Annual Events a True Dweller of this City Never Misses ‎

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Cairo is Big on Events: Ten Annual Events a True Dweller of this City Never Misses ‎
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Cairo 360

Featured image via CIFCET – Facbook

Among the many things that we appreciate about this city happens to be its ability to deliver endless events that cater to all tastes. For the love of Cairo, and in celebration of a decade of following the city’s latest activities, here’s a list of annual festivals that you need to check out at least for once in your life.

Cairo International Film Festival:

Via CIFF –  Facebook

First established in 1976, the Cairo International Film Festival was one of the regions first accredited film events. Every year, the festival delivers a selection of movies from all over the world. Last year’s edition saw the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences award the CIFF Oscar-qualifying status. The winner of the competition, Cinema of Tomorrow, is being considered for Animated and Live Action Short Film Categories at the Academy Awards, provided the film otherwise complies with Academy rules.

Spring Flowers Exhibition at Orman Garden:

Via Doaa Samir – Facebook

And where else to celebrate the fresh blooms of spring but at Orman Garden, which, dating back to 1875, was established by Khedive Ismail. The annual exhibition in March hosts a spectrum of exhibitors that offer a range of flowers and plants with prices that suit all budgets, let alone that the entrance tickets is 3LE only. Check this year’s event.

Cairo International Book Fair:

Via Wikipedia, courtesy of Mohd Tarmizi

Taking place in January every year, the Cairo International Book Fair has been around since 1969, which makes it one of the oldest in the Arab World. Not only does it connect readers and authors from all around the globe, Cairo International Book Fair is also where a diversity of arts and culture happenings take place. In addition to book signings and panel talks that discuss the latest publications, the fair serves a round of screenings, as well as various educational and fun activities for kids.

CairoComix Festival:

Via CairoComix – Facebook

Fine Art may not come on top of the Egyptian’s list of interests; however, comics do have a place in many hearts. Not only attended by artists and professionals, but CairoComix is also a Mecca to all the avid comics readers and amateur artists. Established in 2015, the festival, which takes place almost every November at the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, gathers a host of workshops and exhibitions, as well as a marketplace that offers books, artwork, and goodies.

Saladin Citadel Music Festival:

Courtesy of Asmaa Raouf – Facebook

An annual offering by Cairo Opera House that takes place at the Saladin Citadel, the picturesque location sees a round of commercial and underground Arab musicians taking to the stage for gigs. The reasonable prices cater to all budgets.

Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre:

First established in 1988, the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre takes place every year at various national theatres across the capital. Despite being overshadowed by other music and cinema festivals in the city, this festival still has its fans.

Cairo Jazz Festival:

Courtesy of Expand and Cairo Jazz Fest – Facebook

We personally wait for October every year to see the massive lineup that Cairo Jazz Festival serves. The festival first took place in 2009, and its stage has seen legendary musicians attending, including Ziad El Rahbani, Soad Massi, Nuseer Shamma, as well as many others.

Arab Music Festival:

Via Veto Gate

Taking place around the city at venues including Cairo Opera House, Gomhoria Theatre, and the Arab Music Institute, the Arab Music Festival has many fans, especially lovers of classical Arab music. The festival usually sees a lineup of golden voices from the region, including Wael Gassar, Marawan Khoury, Angham, and more.

Cairo International Women’s Film Festival:

Via Egypt Independent

Founded in 2018, Cairo International Women’s Film Festival usually takes place between February and March every year. While it sheds light on Women’s social issues and challenges, its focal point is to present cinema and movies from a female artistic point of view.

The International Samaa’ Festival for Spiritual Music & Chanting:

Courtesy of Hazem Khaled – Facebook

It’s a personal favourite at Cairo 360, as it doesn’t only entertain music lovers, but also elevates their sense of spirituality and coexistence. No matter what your beliefs are, you’ll find harmony in one of these gigs, where chanters from various backgrounds come together on stage to sing in unison for peace and love.