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Cairo Photo Week is Back!

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Cairo Photo Week is Back!
written by
Arwa Hezzah

Cairo Photo Week has returned! After a long silence, the photography festival has been set up again in Downtown Cairo. Initiated in 2018, Cairo Photo Week is a photo festival that features a multitude of photographers and content creators, both from Egypt and from various international locations. The purpose of the event is to allow those taking part to tell their story through visual artworks. Not only is the event attended by a diverse collection of renowned photographers, videographers, and expert image makers, but it also offers a multitude of photography, videography & image-making workshops, as well as talks and panel discussions by experts.

This year, the theme of the event is “Depth Off Field”, meant to focus on the expansion of the photographic eye across many fields of photography. Essentially, the event is intended to encourage photographers and videographers to broaden their perspectives away from conventional photographic themes. The theme also takes advantage of the fact that current global and regional changes have stimulated a shift in many artists’ genres and styles.

Created by Photopia, a hub for Egyptian photographers, their primary purpose is to encourage, support, and enhance up-and-coming talents within the field through a friendly environment and an extensive network of connections who can aid artists in their process. Photopia was founded by photography enthusiasts Karim El Khadem and Marwa Abou Leila to create a safe and comfortable space where Egyptian photographers can grow. To show their support for rising talents, their website states that they “offer the Egyptian Photography community unlimited friendly support 6 days a week, 9 hours a day”.

With these goals in mind, Photopia started Cairo Photo Week, bringing together aspiring photographers and renowned photography professionals. Occurring over 10 days, the event features eight workshops and masterclasses, over 90 keynote speakers and panel discussions, 11 exhibitions introducing the works of over 100 exhibitors, and over 2000 visitors.

In short, the event is the perfect place for aspiring photographers and videographers to learn more about the field, make connections, and improve their ever-growing skills. You can keep up with all the happenings through the Cairo Photo Week’s Instagram, highlighting each day’s events.