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Cairopolitan: A New Venue Drawing Inspiration From the Streets of Cairo

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Cairopolitan: A New Venue Drawing Inspiration From the Streets of Cairo
written by
Sherif Khairy

Cairo is filled with everything, the busy streets never lack in amusement and hardship, and from that amusing and confusing mix of elements, grows talent, wonder, and passion. Today, we’re talking about a newcomer to the Cairene art scene: Cairopolitan, a project that’s been cooking for quite a while, and it draws inspiration from the very streets it grew in.

If you’re a Garden City resident, or happen to go there a lot, you must have glimpsed a tall, red painted sign with Cairopolitan written on it in white. The small corner Cairopolitan took for itself has been there for years, and it’s seen very slight changes from the outside, while so much has been developing inside.

So what’s it all about? Cairopolitan describe what they do very simply, “product designs inspired from daily life in Cairo.” They were founded by designers Hefnawy and Shenawy and draw inspiration from the multi-layered city that is Cairo; taking bits and pieces from a society that is entangled and affected by many cultures throughout its history. They sought to treasure those complex reactions and effects, souveniring history in artistic products that are as attractive as they are deep.

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A number of artisans and small local workshops used materials from the Egyptian market in creating the pieces on display, patiently crafting them from scratch and turning them into something quite amazing.

Cairopolitan had their first major opening a couple of days ago. It started on the 29th of June and finished on the first of July. There artistic pieces have garnered the attention and admiration of others, significantly increasing their followership and fan base. You can catch a glimpse of their latest works through their Facebook page and other social media profiles.