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Cairo’s Cultural Stage: Unveiling 5 Must-See Theatre Troupes Redefining the Arts Scene

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Cairo’s  Cultural Stage: Unveiling 5 Must-See Theatre Troupes Redefining the Arts Scene
written by
Malak Gharib

In the vibrant heart of the capital lies a burgeoning cultural renaissance where the spirit of performing arts is flourishing. From experimental contemporary works to traditional masterpieces, Cairo’s theatre scene is a dynamic tapestry reflecting the city’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. Here are five theatre groups changing the game that you should not miss! Whether you’re an artist looking to catch your next audition or a theatre enthusiast looking for on-stage action, these groups are taking over the cultural scene.


90’s Theatre Group

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90’s Theatre Group is a dynamic independent troupe that presents masterpieces around Cairo. From their current play, Mawed 3ala El 3sshaa, to some of their previous works, like El Noboo’a, this up-and-coming theatre group is extremely promising.


Stage Left Prod 

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Working in the UK and Cairo, Stage Left Production mixes international standards with the Egyptian experience, creating an ideal dynamic to become the next theatre scene game changer. Their next play is expected to debut on the 6th of February, running until the 11th, with the title My Bedroom. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.



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From dancing to singing and acting, Carnivalia is home to artists from diverse backgrounds and talents. Shining bright on stage, from amazing vocals to captivating acting and dance performances, Carnivalia is a diverse stage experience that will keep you on your toes the whole time.


Elwarsha Troupe

Being one of Egypt’s oldest theatre troupes, El Warsha hosts many talents and is a leading theatre group with deep-rooted expertise. Founded in 1987 by director Hassan El-Geretly, the El-Warsha troupe revives classic gems from folk heritage through storytelling, sira recitation, stick arts, folk singing, and classic musicals. Abla Kamel, Ahmed Kamal, Saied Ragab, and other talented actors were all a part of El Warsha, and it’s where they learned to put on their captivating performances that we so deeply admire.



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The musical theatre group Fabrica is a delight to watch on stage. From performances at El Sawy Culturewheel to Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Fabrica is changing the game and performing some of our personal favourites. Whether it’s their Mohamed Fawzy Medley or their famous take on The Circle of Life from The Lion King, Fabrica is a group you won’t want to miss out on.