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Celebrate Your Father: Things to Do With Your Dad for Father’s Day

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Celebrate Your Father: Things to Do With Your Dad for Father’s Day
written by
Nada Medhat

June 21 marks a special day that isn’t quite celebrated enough around Egypt; Father’s Day! This one goes out to those who don’t get the chance to spend enough quality time with their fathers, and gives others a chance to properly celebrate our dad figures and give them a little more attention than usual. We all know that life can get super busy and sweep us by, but Father’s Day is a good chance to take a pause and pay attention to the things that matter in life. We can all do with a little more appreciation, fathers most of all! So, here are some activities to do with your dad during the weekend, in case you haven’t celebrated him already!

Wake Up Early and Share a Cup of Coffee

As we said, life gets busy, and mornings hastily pass us by during the week when we’re always in a rush. We get half dressed as we run around to finish our morning errands and try to get to work on time. Of course, time is valuable during the weekends, but shared mornings can be lovely! Most dads are used to getting up early on weekends, even after retirement. So this weekend, wake up early as well and make some good coffee to share with your dad, to show him you value spending time with him! (and maybe listen to some interesting stories from his youth!)

Watch A Movie

It seems basic, but it’s really not. Staying in for some time with your dad is good. But watching a movie of his choice can be extra great; fathers often have a peculiar taste in cinema consisting of three films they’ve repeatedly been rewatching for 20 years, and which everyone at home is probably tired of. So even if you don’t really like them, watch one with your dad, show interest, pay attention and listen when he points out his favourite parts and speaks of why. 

Take a Walk Around Cairo

Early in the morning or late at night is a great time to witness the beauty of this city together. A long walk and talk while enjoying the city and each other’s company, and getting some snacks from lonely carts in empty streets will make some fond new memories.

Treat Him to A Fancy Dinner

Dads are used to taking the whole family out, both when we were little and now. On this day, it should be their turn to receive! Reserve a table at a restaurant he likes and treat him to a great meal, where you can show him how appreciated he is!

Prepare Something Special 

All of these things are nice and special, but if you really want to make it a perfect day, then you should do something extra special and customised for your dad. For example, maybe your dad has always wanted to learn a musical instrument but never had the time, or get into cooking, or get a massage, etc. So surprise him and book him something you can do together too!