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Celebrities Who Made It to the Big Screen as Kids

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Celebrities Who Made It to the Big Screen as Kids
written by
Malak Gharib
Still from Baheb El Cima

Child actors have a tendency to get forgotten about over the years. As they mature, many grow out of their love for acting and cinema. However, a select few child actors stick with the art form and develop into some of cinema’s most beloved professionals, captivating audiences with their natural charm, raw talent, and ability to embody diverse characters. Here are six Egyptian actors who made their acting debut, whether in a cameo appearance or a lead role, as children.


Mohamed Emam in Hanafy El Obaha

Image via ElBawabhNews

Mohamed Emam first appeared on the big screen in Hanafy El Obaha in 1990 alongside his father, the iconic Adel Emam. Though the scene only lasted one minute, it made for one of Mohamed Emam’s fondest memories, which he frequently reminisces about in interviews and on social media.


Youssef Othman in Baheb El Cima

Starring recently in Al Ghurfa 207 and Batn El Hoot, Youssef Othman is making a solid comeback to the big screen. However, we have yet to get over his lead role as a child in Baheb El Cima. With 20 years passing since the movie’s release, we can’t help but reflect on Othman’s cinematic journey and anticipate seeing more of him.


Karim Abdel Aziz in El Baa’d Yazhab Lel Mazoon Marratayn 

Image via ElYoumElSabe3

Among the lesser-known things about heartthrob Karim Abdel Aziz is that he made his cinematic debut at the age of three years old in the 1978 film El Baa’d Yazhab Lel Mazoon Marratayn. The movie was directed by his father, Mohamed Abdel Aziz. Despite only being a toddler, he still fondly recalls the memory and shares behind-the-scenes photographs of the film on his social media.


Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in El Bahr Yadhak Lemaza 

Image via FilFan

Being the son of one of Egypt’s most famous and loved actors, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz has always been on people’s radar. With his tremendous success over the past few years, we tend to forget that he appeared in films as a kid. His first appearance was in Mohammad Kamel El-Kalyubi’s 1994 film El Bahr Yadhak Lemaza.


Sahar El Sayegh in Umm Kalthoum 

Image via HiaMagazine 

Sahar El Sayegh is a renowned Egyptian actress who starred in multiple roles that showcased her incredible talent. What many people don’t know, though, is that El Sayegh started her career in the role of a young Umm Kalthoum in the 1999 series commemorating the icon and her musical journey. 


Malak & Laila Zaher in Omar & Salma 2

Image via Akhbar24

Malak and Laila Zaher made a memorable debut in the beloved film Omar & Salma 2, portraying the endearing children of the main characters. Their on-screen introduction injects a fresh dynamic into the storyline, representing the essence of sisterhood with their palpable chemistry. The dialogue was infused with comedic twists, showcasing their natural talent and charisma. With their stellar performances, Malak and Laila Zaher embarked on their acting journey on a high note.