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Characters of Egypt Festival 2010: Coming This Weekend!

Characters of Egypt Festival 2010: Coming This Weekend!
    written by
    Cairo 360

    Celebrating its
    third-year running at Fustat Wadi El Gemal National Park, the Characters of
    Egypt Festival is taking place this weekend! If you happen to have the weekend
    free and would like to spend it in Marsa Alem; it’s
    sure to be an exciting experience.

    Characters of
    Egypt was launched to bring together tribes from all corners of Egypt to meet
    together for a few days, experience cultural exchange and connect over their
    common bonds. Egypt
    has a rich history of tribal heritage and this weekend gives us a chance to see it for ourselves.

    In recent years,
    the festival has seen great success not only with these specific groups but with
    all of the volunteers that have facilitated the event and participants that travelled
    to Marsa Alem to enjoy the festivities. However, this year will be the first
    time that the festival will be completely headed by one Cairo-based non-governmental
    organisation, CISV (originally an acronym for Children’s International Summer Villages).

    CISV  has not
    only coordinated all of the volunteers; but it has also worked for months to
    make this weekend an unforgettable experience. For CISV, it’s a great
    opportunity to help lead a huge cultural event that simultaneously supports
    diversity and sustainable development. Because part of CISV’s vision is to
    educate and inspire its members to contribute to the surrounding community
    through local projects; this is a perfect opportunity for both the organisation
    and our Egyptian community as a whole.  

    In a creative
    environment that supports discovery, the weekend will be filled to the brim
    with things to do. The festival will showcase traditional arts,
    and host friendly competitions between tribes that include ancient games and
    sportive challenges. Music, poetry, dancing and storytelling are on the agenda in
    addition to desert adventures. Activities for children include exciting learning
    opportunities from desert trips to explore the fauna and flora, and to learn about tribal
    costumes, jewels and the sampling of traditional foods.  

    Also included
    will be a bazaar of handcraft goods and crafts on sale, as well as a
    photography exhibition and a coordinated competition. With Marsa Alem’s
    beautiful scenery, there couldn’t be a better place to practice your
    photography skills!

    To help support
    eco-tourism, guests will have the opportunity to stay in the beautiful eco-lodge
    of Wadi El Gamal; but you must book your place as soon as possible. For
    detailed information regarding accommodation and transportation options, check
    out the Facebook page here or head over to their homepage
    for more

    Don’t miss this
    opportunity to explore the tribal heritage of this amazing country and have fun
    while you’re at it.