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“Cinema between Your Hands” Upgrades Filmmaking Scene in Egypt

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“Cinema between Your Hands” Upgrades Filmmaking Scene in Egypt
    written by
    Arwa Hezzah

    Inas Abdel-Dayem, the Egyptian Minister of Culture and Youth, announced the launch of ‘Cinema between Your Hands’, a new project aimed at developing awareness and skills in filmmaking across multiple Egyptian governorates. The project is part of the ‘Start Your Dream’ initiative, which helps those interested in the field of theatre and acting find opportunities in the respective fields.

    Attendees of the ‘Cinema between Your Hands’ workshop will get the chance to attend classes taught by specialists in the field and professors from the Higher Institute of Cinema. Students will be taught various filmmaking skills, eventually getting the chance to work on short promotional films.

    The workshop will start in mid-August, continuing for three months in Fayoum and Alexandria. Supervised by the General Authority for Culture Palaces, students of the workshop will be given the authorisation to film in palaces across Egyptian governorates.

    As part of the initiative, the Ministry of Culture will be reprinting Egyptian magazines related to the fields, as well as launching a website retelling the history of Egyptian cinema. With hope, this project helps spread the culture of cinema and film across the country.

    Stay tuned to the Ministry’s website for future announcements.