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Cocoon Culture Center: Workshops To Check Out This Month

Algorithmic Art Art Workshop Cocoon Silent Theatre
Cocoon Culture Center: Workshops To Check Out This Month
    written by
    Salma Sabek

    Artists have no monopoly on art. Art is a way to find yourself and express it in a healthy and inventive way, and we love to see this agenda pushed forward in our society. One of the few youthful, change-seeking establishments currently leading the way on that front is Cocoon Culture Centre, which embraces both our culture and its potential fully and courageously. So it only feels right to shed light on two exciting and upcoming workshops taking place there.

    Algorithmic Art

    Nothing excites us more than the prospect of turning something seemingly mundane and nerdy into art, so when we found out about Cocoon’s algorithmic art programme, we were absolutely ecstatic. Algorithmic Art is a course in coding with the intention of creating an algorithm that will produce trippy and expressive visuals. We find this new approach to creativity incredibly refreshing since it seems paradoxical at first glance, but makes all the sense in the world when you think about it. You can use any kind of data, tweak your code as much as you want until you reach the visual expression you’re content with. The possibilities are endless.

    The instructors are engineers Islam Adel and Anna Lucia, whose backgrounds seem to perfectly blend the artistic and the scientific. The course starts on the 8th of November and will run for five weeks and include 10 sessions. The price for the full course is 4200 LE, but you can attend a single session for 600 LE. You can find more information on this link.

    Silent Theatre

    In these modern times, it is imperative to be able to look after the one thing we carry around wherever we go: our bodies. That’s why we were so fascinated when we heard about the Silent Theatre workshop that promises to blend the artistic, holistic and physical. Silent Theatre is a workshop based on the mime and pantomime art forms, aiming to create a stronger bond between body and mind. Self-expression can get very tricky once you eliminate words and speech, so this workshop has piqued our interest, to say the least.

    It will be instructed by Silhouette, a performance art duo established in 2012 to explore silent performance and create shows that focus on the physical rather than the verbal. The workshop starts on the 8th of November and will run for five weeks, during which the will be 10 sessions. The price for the whole course is 2900 LE, but you can attend a single session for 350 LE. For more information, check this link.