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Construction Is Officially Under Way for Cairo West’s Largest Cultural Event

Construction Is Officially Under Way for Cairo West’s Largest Cultural Event
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    Egypt has historically distinguished itself as the heart of culture within the Middle Eastern region. Indeed, it takes no scholar of history to tell you that Alexandria and Cairo have historically functioned as a publishing hub for local, and regional authors alike. Moreover, these capitals have been known for their pioneering roles in translating important international texts into the Arabic language. 

    It is no surprise, therefore, that Egypt’s Annual Book Fair (typically held during the month of January) posits itself as a regionally and internationally recognized cultural event. And, while we thoroughly enjoy this annual event, we were glad to here that Egypt’s second book fair is returning for its fourth year.

    According to Elyoum7, Egypt’s second book fair will take place in Sheikh Zayed. The book fair is scheduled to launch on the 1st of March, and set to close its gates on the 11th of March (it will run from 10 am to 10 pm). The best part? it will be free and open to all Egyptians!

    The fair will not only showcase publications courtesy of large regional publication houses and established authors, it will also showcase the works of independent authors and smaller publication houses. This is because the fee required for a publication and/or author to showcase his/her work is very small. 

    Moreover, this fair will be home to a host of cultural activities, including but not limited to, theatrical performances;  panel discussions on books and texts; film screenings; drawing & colouring workshops; and parenting workshops.