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DICE – Design, Craft, Brand: A Peacock-Cluster Collaboration That Creates a Dialogue Between Artists, ‎Artisans, and Designers

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DICE – Design, Craft, Brand: A Peacock-Cluster Collaboration That Creates a Dialogue Between Artists, ‎Artisans, and Designers
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For many years, visual arts were deemed a means of self-expression that is of a higher and more spiritual nature; it was a mere projection of a particular culture’s aesthetics on an end product. But as technology evolved to cover nearly every aspect of our lives, the thin line between the material world of design and the cultural aesthetics began to fade.

This merger between the two creates the idea that creating a design of artistic value is not exclusive to a specific creative class (which includes formally educated individuals with occupations in the fields of arts, science, education, business, and finance). It also gives space, where artists, artisans, and designers share a common ground. Acknowledging the importance of a direct dialogue between those three, local organisations, Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research (CLUSTER) and Peacock for Art Consultancy, bring DICE – Design, Craft, Brand; a project that challenges the eurocentrism of the creative class and economy, providing an alternative framework within various creative initiatives that engages in a local context.

Celebrating creativity that comes from people from all walks of life, DICE – Design, Craft, Brand aims to shed light on artisans, small crafts, and micro-enterprises, giving them the chance of exchanging knowledge, as well as being introduced to new technologies, tools, and materials.

Often transferred from one generation to another through the traditional master-apprentice model, local crafts in Egypt are prone to extinction or being dominated by mass production force.  Through a series of workshops between craftsmen, art students, artists, in addition to publications DICE – Design, Craft, Brand aims to preserve the authenticity of the crafts, but within a framework that also includes technology and design.

The two collaborating entities have what it takes to attain the target; CLUSTER is known for its extensive network within the social and creative enterprise, experienced in mapping local crafts sites, organising workshops, and curating exhibition. As for Peacock for Art Consultancy, it has various local and international collaborations under its belt, as well as the ability to facilitate the relationships between artists, artisans, governmental institutions, and the private sector.

Now that a bridge has been built between local artisans and designers, it’s time for branding and marketing to finalise the pilot projects that will be a realistic example for other local craftsmen to take a step towards a place in modern history, where local crafts are never left behind.