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D-CAF Is About to Hit the Streets of Egypt for the 8th Time!

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D-CAF Is About to Hit the Streets of Egypt for the 8th Time!
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Cairo 360

Egypt has always been somewhat of a hub for innovative minds and artistic souls. The fact that the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is returning for an 8th edition is a testament to this fact.

For those of you who have not been following D-CAF’s previous editions, well basically D-CAF is a celebration of local, regional, and international music, theatre, dance, visual artists, and filmmakers. As such, D-Caf is Egypt’s first international multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival. D-CAF uses non-traditional sites such as historical buildings, storefronts, alleyways, and rooftops as sites for performances, events, and art installations, with the aim of allowing audiences and artists to engage with the city and experience Cairo in novel ways.

This year’s D-CAF will run for three weeks; it will start on the 29th of March, and run until the 21st of April at multiple venues in Downtown Cairo. The event will gather approximately 30 teams from 12 countries, for almost three weeks, for a showcase of variant artistic performances in 12 distinct venues.

The Danish premiere, titled Terrap, will be the inaugural exhibition of the festival’s activities. Terrap is a mixture of opera, theatre, and puppet art. The concert Um El Ajayeb, performed by the Syrian-French Flute Orchestra Nisem Galal and a group of Egyptian musicians, will be the festival’s closing act.

Finally, under the slogan of “Art for All”, the festival provides an opportunity for orphans, street children, and refugees, to access all exhibitions for free! Otherwise, you can purchase your tickets are through their Facebook page (D-CAF – Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival).