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D-CAF Is Celebrating Women With an All-Female Line-Up of Amazing Talents

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D-CAF Is Celebrating Women With an All-Female Line-Up of Amazing Talents
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International Women’s Day is very close, and it’s coming at a time when a lot of limelight has been shed on the problems females face in the workplace, and in their everyday lives. D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival) is taking a rather celebratory tone to empower women this week, with a huge event next Friday at Al-Azhar Park.

D-CAF not only organized this event with the intention of spreading awareness of the problems faced by women, but also with the intention of celebrating all the achievements that women have, and continue, to make. Since the event is a celebration and a message of empowerment for all women in the entire world, the opening concert is especially dedicated to both established and emerging female musicians, from Egypt, and from all over the world. No matter the genre, it takes strength, courage, and creativity for a female to make it in the male-dominated music industry.

With this former point in mind, D-CAF, supported by Tamasi Collective, and in collaboration with El-Genaina Theater, Al-Azhar Park, and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt, have prepared a lineup of highly talented female stars from different regions of the world. Leading that lineup is Morocco’s mega star, and one of Egypt’s most popular singers, Samira Said. The Diva will be performing live, at the festival’s opening concert.

Samira will be followed by two international stars. The first is Pink Oculus, or Esperanza Geronima Denswil: a Dutch recording artist, singer, and songwriter. Esperanza has also worked as an MC, producer, and actress. The second  international female artist hails from France: Elbi is her name, and she has quite a distinct musical identity. Her music contains bits of soul, jazz, and electronic music. Last, but not least, we have an Egyptian band called Shahira Welnas Elkhatira; this indie band will play a collection of original Arabic songs, with a unique twist. Shahira is the lead singer of this otherwise all-male band. 

The event is scheduled for Friday the 9th of March, and is set to start at 7 pm, with doors opening at 5 pm. The ticket price is 150 EGP; however, women will receive a 30% discount voucher on any of D-CAF’s other music events, with their ticket. Don’t miss out on this huge event!