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Darb 17 18 En Vogue: The Skinny on Their Recycled Fashion Show

Darb 17 18 En Vogue: The Skinny on Their Recycled Fashion Show
    written by
    Aleksandra Sekinger

    Whether we choose
    to actively participate in trends or not, fashion is a part of our everyday
    lives and an extension of our personalities, ideas and beliefs. Recently,
    independent art space Darb 17 18 hosted a
    recycled fashion workshop to encourage Cairenes to think about fashion in new,
    creative ways and we’re finally about to see the fruits of that labour. This
    Saturday, May 29, Darb will bring eight collections made of recycling materials
    to the runways at their Recycled Fashion Show.

    The Recycled
    Fashion Show is the culmination of three fashion workshops that have recently
    finished. The three workshops, which were held between April and May 2010,
    include workshops on recycled fashion design, fashion makeup and fashion

    En Vogue refers to the En Vogue Modeling and Finishing Institute, the agency run by Shirly Shalaby and responsible for selecting, casting and coaching the models in the show. Like the designs themselves, the models were selected for their natural beauty, and those that will walk the show’s runway  have no previous experience. The final product is aimed to reflect the beauty of unpolished, uncalculated art, modeled on natural beauties in ‘normal’ sizes.

    With the help
    of Spanish artist and fashion designer Ana Maria Seco, sixteen local designers
    and artists participated in the recycled fashion workshop, and you’ll have to
    attend the fashion show this Saturday to see what their
    creative minds have come up with.

    What can we
    expect to see? Well for one thing, some very unusual materials. When we think ‘fashion
    show,’ the first images that come to mind don’t include pieces of plastic water
    bottles and paint, but the workshop participants will show off the interesting
    techniques they’ve learned to transform everyday objects into worthy fashion
    garments and accessories.

    Used boots have
    been made new and retro with spray paint, and previously solid coloured
    t-shirts have been painted and embroidered with different kinds of colourful
    beads and appliqués. Creative use of stencils and tie-dye will also be on the runway
    this Saturday.

    It is especially
    extraordinary what these amateur fashion designers have done with a plastic
    water bottle. One designer cut up flat pieces of a water bottle and sewed them
    across a blank tank top for an elegant evening look. Similar plastic pieces
    were melted flat with a candle, and then used to decorate earrings. The bottoms
    of water bottles were also fashioned into flower shapes to decorate a plain
    black clutch.

    The Fashion
    Makeup Workshop’s participants have been instructed by Armani make-up artist Adolfo
    Quesada, and they will apply the runway models’ makeup for
    the evening. The Fashion Photography Workshop’s participants will take photographs
    throughout the course of the fashion show and will present their images in an
    outdoor exhibition; showing skills they have learned under the tutelage of
    Spanish artist group Roma.

    The fashion
    show takes place on the same night as the opening of Darb’s new exhibition
    Uncovered, which will examine how fashion, society, culture, politics and religion
    engage with one another. Uncovered is the collaborative work of ten artists, of
    which five are from Spain
    and five from Egypt .

    The exhibition
    starts at 7PM and the Recycled Fashion Show starts at 9PM on Saturday. The
    fashion show will take place in Darb’s outside space. Both events are free of