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Digital Talent of the Year: Egyptian Hadia Ghaleb Steals the Show at Grazia Style Awards 2019

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Digital Talent of the Year: Egyptian Hadia Ghaleb Steals the Show at Grazia Style Awards 2019
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Featured image via Grazia Style Awards



We love talking about successful Egyptians who leave a mark on the world. It’s not the first time we’ve spoken about Hadia Ghaleb and her success. Yesterday, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Dubai, the 12th Grazia Style Awards were held. It’s an annual award that celebrates the talents who show the world that the Middle East is the fashion force of the future.

Hadia Ghaleb won the Grazia Style Awards for the Digital Talent of the Year. She was competing against other famous Arabs like Karen Wazen and Ola Farahat. Winning the prize was based on votes online. Ghaleb is known to have a strong online presence, with a following of over 1.4 million on Instagram. She started by thanking her followers and family, Hadia Ghaleb Production’s team. Hadia Ghaleb Productions is a successful company owned and founded by Ghaleb;“GPH provides premium integrated marketing communications, social media, media production, fashion consultancy, event production and public relations services.” Additionally, Ghaleb thanked her fellow competitors.

Ghaleb is taking 2019 to a whole other level career-wise, whether being a guest speaker at Harvard University, getting nominated for a 2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards or winning the Grazia Style Awards, Ghaleb is always making us proud.

All in all, Ghaleb is on the right track, and we should be proud and supportive of all Egyptians that represent our country, especially if these Egyptians happen to be women!