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Easter DIY Kits in Cairo that Will Unleash Your Kids’ Creativity

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Easter DIY Kits in Cairo that Will Unleash Your Kids’ Creativity
written by
Dina Mokhtar

It’s a shame we can’t head out of town this Easter to celebrate the way we usually do, but, you know, safety comes first. Now that we are all grounded this Easter, Cairo’s local brands have decided to help you celebrate the season by offering a selection of fun DIY kits that will positively engage all members of the family.

Samir & Ali Stationery Houses & Co.:

The renowned stationery house celebrates Easter by offering a host of child-friendly products that you can order through the website. You’ll find a range of dermatologically-tested finger paints, with prices ranging between 84LE and 179LE – check them out here.  You will also find a bag of egg-shaped compressed foam, among other shapes, for 15LE here.

Chocolate Factory:                                                                                                    

Chocolate Factory offers you a set of nine pieces of either white chocolate eggs or rabbits, in addition to a couple of edible colours that you pop into the microwave for 30 seconds before getting down to creating your masterpiece. The kit is 175LE, which you can order by calling on 01098870777.

Art Café Egypt:

Art Café Egypt delivers you a host of DIY kits, including a couple of Easter kits; one for kids under four years old (150LE), which you can order here, and another for children above the age of five (200LE). Place your order here.

Sane Egypt:

Among its wide range of DIY kits, Sane Egypt offers an Easter DIY Kits that sell for 400LE. Order by calling 01156948295.

The Batter Half & Co.:

The pastry shop serves another delicious DIY Kit, and this time around, it’s Easter themed. For 275LE, you get The Cake Pop Kit, which includes six cake pops (red velvet, chocolate, and rainbow), milk and white chocolate dips, sprinkles, and Easter themed fondant decorations.

The Batter Half delivers, call on 01024488878 (Zamalek), 01145944144 (New Cairo), or 01024577722 (October City).


Tortina offers a DIY kit (225LE) that includes a range of cookie cutters, dough, and a selection of glazes and sprinkles. You can order by calling on 01275155499 (Heliopolis), 01288004279 (New Cairo), 01203022406 (Zamalek), 01125695633 (October City), 01028063330 (Mohandiseen), or 01004737334 (Maadi).